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Farthest North?


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Jul 20, 2021
Farthest North describes the most northerly latitude reached by explorers before the conquest of the North Pole rendered the expression obsolete.

I took the title and definition of this post from Wikipedia. I am curious to hear from fellow Mavic pilots about their experiences flying in the Arctic and how far north people have flown. I have come across several great posts that discuss some of the challenges (temperatures, magnetic compass errors, poor GPS reception, etc.). Many of these posts have been extremely helpful. However, sometimes in these posts people only give vague descriptions of how far north they were when they ran into issues or challenges. Or ask for advice before heading north, but do not provide feedback on their experiences. Below are a collection of threads that I have reviewed so far:

From the reading above, it seems that the majority of people flying in the north are visiting photographers/videographers. I am most interested in hearing from users who have flown pre-planned mapping missions. I have worked with others who have flown other brand drones up to 69⁰ N with no issues. Our team will be flying in northern Canada at around 80⁰ N near the Eureka weather station on Ellesmere Island for a future sea ice research project flying a Mavic and an M210 and I was hoping to be able to fly a pre-planned flight grid mission. Based on the valuable feedback from this forum, I am getting the feeling that I need to start doing more practice in attempting to fly grid flights in ATTI mode! This will add greatly add to the complexity of the missions. I have found a few brief postings discussing this and would love to hear more from those with experience flying in extreme northern latitudes to get an idea of what I can expect.

Thanks in advance!
I live in the northermost scandinavia at around 70 degrees. Drones works just fine, and in lot colder weather than the official promises.
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