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Filmora Just CANCELLED our Lifetime Licenses?

So cancel? Look into Affinity Photo.
I have looked into Affinity Photo. It's a good program. I would recommend that to any non professional starting out. With Adobe it's not so much about the money, it's about the principle. At my stage in the game I have little patience for learning new software and I do so only as needed. Perhaps at some point I would consider canceling PS/LR.
I just got an email from them. Hopefully the rest of you will also.

Dear Filmora Lifetime License Users,​
We apologize for the confusion and frustration caused by the lack of clear license information on the Filmora 9 purchasing page. We take full responsibility for this communication issue and are determined to make things right.​
To that end, we are offering two compensation options to affected Filmora lifetime license holders (those who purchased a license since version 9 and before):​
If you have not yet upgraded to Filmora 12, you are eligible for a free upgrade to the latest version.​
If you have already paid to upgrade, you can either request a full refund or receive free access to Filmora's effects & plug-ins for one year, valued at $99. We will automatically provide you with free access to Filmora's effects & plug-ins if you do not contact our customer support team within one month to choose your compensation option. (Before February 6, 2023)
We value your decision to purchase a lifetime license from us and hope to continue being a partner on your creative journey. As a result, we will also offer all affected users free upgrades in the future.
Thank you for your constructive feedback and suggestions. We are taking this opportunity to reflect on the matter and identify ways to improve.​
We wish you a happy and wonderful new year.​
The Wondershare Filmora Team
Wow that came out weird. Either way I just copied all the text in the email to post here. Hope this helps some of you.
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