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First flight - Observations and Questions


Nov 7, 2017
Hey all, got my new Zoom today and got a chance to fly briefly before dark. Had to update the firmware before the flight. I didn’t change ANY camera settings before the flight.

A couple observations. First, it flies incredibly well. Very smooth and not much interference from wind, etc.

Second, it seems that the footage streaming to my iPhone X was a bit out of focus. I kept depressing the photo button on the remote to get it to focus, but it still seemed a bit fuzzy. Same with video. I haven’t checked the footage from the SD card yet.

Third, only the videos, and one “Dolly Zoom” quick shot saves to my Go4 app. None of the pictures I took saved, the time lapse I did didn’t save, and another quick shot I did didn’t save. They might all be on the SD card, but they aren’t on my phone anywhere, including the DJI app.

Anyone else experiencing this? I’ll play with it more tomorrow and post an update. Thanks!
You mentioned that you flew briefly before dark. The the light may not have been adequate for auto-focus to work. Try zooming in and set the focus manually.

Your pictures and videos should be on your SD card. Whatever is saved on your phone is determined by your Go 4 settings and are probably lower quality (quality is reduced to aid in transmission).
On my first flight no photos went to my phone just video. Then I did the upgrade using assistant 2 and now photos download to phone. Quality is very good at 7.3mb. Day was clear and sunny. Paul
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