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First flight!


May 21, 2018
So I had my first flight yesterday evening! No drama, just sharing my excitement.

I was on vacation and my package was left by my door on Saturday and I didn't get home until Monday evening, so I was a bit nervous someone would snatch the package but it was all ok.

I charged everything up (the advanced hub+phantom 4 charger=awesome!!!), and took it out to a nearby open field which I checked on B4UFly and it said it was all good. The Mavic told me to fly with caution because it was class D airspace but I took the official FAA app's word over the Mavic. I'll probably look into that a bit more for my peace of mind.

Set up was super easy! One thing I did find a bit of a pain was just putting my phone in the little arms of the controller using the short cable on the side. Maybe I'll get the hang of it and it'll be second nature or maybe I'll get a longer cable and connect it from the bottom of the controller.

I put it on beginner mode and practiced taking off and landing, flying in a square, then in a (very rough) figure 8. I was getting an SD card error even though it is U3. I couldn't format it via the app but back home i did a speed check and format and looks like this card isn't good enough for 4K even though it's U3. Maybe it's a fake card... Oh well. Ordered a new one so hopefully that solves the issue.

As I got more comfortable I took it out of beginner mode and took it out a bit farther and had a blast. I was worried about battery life making me feel like the experience would be over too soon but I was surprised at how long I felt I was flying.

I plan on taking it out again after work to practice some more and this time use all 3 batteries! I'll record at a lower quality while I'm waiting on my better SD card to come so hopefully I can share some footage tonight or tomorrow!
Enjoy your new toy . If you do fly out a bit farther watch for wind . If you fly out with wind at your tail it will eat the battery faster coming home .
I have all kinds of toys ( some very expensive) and for some reason I really like gps drones
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