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First (real) flight and lost video


Apr 1, 2017
After a few batteries worth in Beginner mode ( I had a Phantom 2 so sort of know how to control a drone ) off I went for my first real flight / shoot.

We are surrounded ( blighted? ) by windfarms in this area, and personally, i think they look stunning. Gauging the height needed to fly over, and the distance away from blades proved almost impossible in my non FPV Phantom so was looking forward to the Mavic Pro. But as I approached the turbine, the video signal dropped - so i dragged the bird back home - manually. No issues with controls, smooth as anything - but again, sent her out, signal dropped.

I've read this could be down to just a loosely fitted lightning cable into my iPhone 6+ - but has anyone else had similar video issues? I can't get out again for almost a week - so would like to hear opinions before try a different cable ( from the USB port this time ).

The video recorded no problem - and boy, getting any decent shots, smoot yaw, smoot gimbal rotation is going to take hours of practice - but that is why i have it!

Love the Mavic :)
Not deleting the post, just in case, but seems like having the phone still connected to the cell network won't help. We don't get good cell signal out here, so next time i fly, i will go out in airplane mode.
Hmm , have you tried flying in another location to see if it is interference from the turbine generators ? Also slow down your gimbal rotation in the settings will make for much easier and fluid movements of the camera .
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