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first flight

  1. Short flight over Nike Park - Warrington Township, PA

    Short flight over Nike Park - Warrington Township, PA

    I'm a new drone pilot learning the ropes and gaining experience. Lots of time spent reading up on safety and staying ahead of possible things that could go wrong with the make and model that I currently fly. This is my first video shot locally to get a feel for what the Mavic Mini can do.
  2. R

    First drone. First flight. First footage...

    First flight of my Mavic Mini CE over Milton Keynes in Bucks, England. The Peace Pagoda is located at Willen Lake and was the first in the UK. Overall I am pleased with the results though I am disappointed with the Drones range. Anyone have a Mavic Pro in the UK or the Platinum or 2 Pro and...
  3. M

    First flight (in backyard in beginner's mode)

    Nothing fancy, but it sure was fun. Compared to the little electric RC airplanes I have flown in the past, this was soooo easy and relaxing :) This is especially relevant given the winds we had this morning. I kept it low and slow and did well (I think anyway)
  4. R

    Mavic Pro just had it´s maiden flight

    and it was exhilarating to say the least! after all the CS and Mavic firmware updates, gimbal, IMU and compass calibrations it was time to go fly! Definitely a little scary due to nerves i completely forgot what was forward backward, up down etc haha After launching upwards it just hovered rock...
  5. A

    Winter, Snow and first flight with DJI MAVIC PRO

    Hi Mavic fans :) This was my first flight with a drone and I am very happy that i chose to buy the DJI MAVIC PRO. I hope you enjoy the video :) If you like the video please share and subscribe to my channel :)
  6. Hedwig

    Australian adventure (my first drone flight)

    Hey guys, Just joined the community and I am extremely excited about becoming a pro drone pilot. Soon this year I will begin an Australian adventure around the continent with my drone. Need to prepare for that! SO...Sharing my FIRST EVER TRY with a drone (had a 10 min practice near the ground...
  7. S

    First Real Flight Had a Couple Glitches but nothing bad happened.

    See my first 4K videos had a couple issues one People! they came out of nowhere when I was trying to shoot the Falls had to make them move so i could land, and then over the lake My Nexus Just shut off??? Battery died! it said it was getting power from the RC but i guess not! had to pack up...
  8. D

    Christmas Day First Flight - Firmware?

    Hey all happy holidays. Tomorrow I unbox my Mavic Pro Plat. I have been reading a lot and watched a ton of videos even before selecting for purchase. The big question for tomorrow is firmware. I don’t know what version it shipped with and I thought I read the app forces you to update during...
  9. M

    First flight(s), problems and solving them

    Hi, and pardon my french. English is not my native language, but I hope this makes some sense... I'm just writing my story here, I hope it helps someone who might have same issues. I bought my MP fly more combo last thursday and I was anxious to get it in the air. Before buying MP, I had been...
  10. J

    Overcoming Flight Jitters

    Maybe one of you can point me to resources that might provide a learning path for the Mavic. I feel like I need a tutorial of sorts, one that suggests things to try on your first, second, nth trips. Why? Well, I unboxed it, read much of the manual, and got genuinely spooked with the possibility...
  11. E

    1st Flight - Sugar Land, TX - (Taken from Oyster Creek Park)

    First flight with Mavic. I'm not a professional by any means. This is with a sun-shield only. No lens filters. Used Autostitch to create the pano. The main area of park is bottom left-of-center where the white canopy is (I need to work on centering better). The photos were taken from roughly...
  12. A

    First (real) flight and lost video

    After a few batteries worth in Beginner mode ( I had a Phantom 2 so sort of know how to control a drone ) off I went for my first real flight / shoot. We are surrounded ( blighted? ) by windfarms in this area, and personally, i think they look stunning. Gauging the height needed to fly...
  13. Roen808

    One of my first flights with Mavic!

    How does it look? Thanks!
  14. S

    My First Video Mavic Pro

    hi everyone, did my first fly and video two days ago. The weather wasn't very good, it was raining all day and when it stopped I did a try. Please comment let me know and get advice, I am new!! :)

    Mavic Pro First flight ever!

    This is my first time flying a drone. Check out my video. I know I'll just get better and more confident in my flying!
  16. B

    First Flight Lasted 6 Seconds and Crashed

    Hey Guys, I took my mavic out this morning just to get it in the air for the first time in front of my house. I took off and it immediately started spinning fast and out of control with no stick input so I shut the motors off and it crashed. I had 14 satellites and was flying in beginner mode...
  17. XLR8R

    New York City and No Fly Zones

    I got my Mavic a week ago and after spending a whole week watching videos and reading manuals (I like to be prepared and know what I'm doing before I send a drone in the air), I finally decided I was ready to take it out for a spin. It went well. A little bit later in the afternoon...I decided...
  18. Pittsburgh Bill

    Checking in from Tampa, FL

    Just got my Mavic Pro on Saturday and awaiting my iPad mini 4 so I can take my first flight. This is my second drone - previously I had an Autel Robotics X-Star Premium. I passed my FAA Part 107 exam in January and plan on using the Mavic for Real Estate and Event photography/videography...
  19. Dbrzuska

    First video with the Mavic

    I was able to take advantage of a break in the weather in NORCAL for quick flight with my brand new Mavic. It is such an amazing aircraft. Check it out... If you're interested, please check out my Channel -
  20. R

    First longer a Mavic virgin!

    Well....... it happened! Woke up this morning and couldn't hear any wind outside (it's been terrible here in the UK this week) so grabbed my phone and checked UAV Forecast and got a green light with 10-15mph winds! Got all my kit together and drove a short distance to some open countryside, did...