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Flight mode warnings + lots of issues (motor current error, camera error, drifting...)


Jun 5, 2018
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Yesterday was a quite a rough day for my MA. I had a lot of strange issues that never happened before:

- First, it lost video connection at a short distance, roughly 30m away from me. I got a warning in the app that I should reconnect/reboot the application (not sure about the exact wording though). I managed to land the drone manually, restarted my phone and all was good.

- Throughout all of the 5 or 6 flights, I had a yellow warning message that said something like "To take off in Non-p mode toggle flight mode switch to another mode then toggle it back". The message was not very clear, I did switch to another flight mode (cinematic and tripod) but the message didn't dissappear. Note that on the left of the screen the usual buttons to select the intelligent flight mode wasn't there, and that I was taking off using the stick combination command to start the motors.

- When the drone was descending from an altitude of 80m from the take-off point, I had a motor current error. The drone was making a strange noise, as if the descent was really choppy. It was not the usual descent noise cause by the prop wash, and I was flying forward while I was descending, to avoid the prop wash.

- I wanted to take a 360° panoramic picture with the automatic mode, the Mavic started the procedure but it failed at 70% or so, displaying a "camera error" red warning :( This is the first time it did that!

- Lastly, when I tried to land, the MA was drifting backwards even if I wasn't touching the sticks of the remote...

I tend to be quite paranoid when I experience strange behavior like this... Are these known issues? I think I have the flight logs but I don't know how to access them on my phone.
I am running DJI GO 4.2.20, the Mavic is up to date with the latest available firmware.
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