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For those suffering cold in the Northern hemisphere

That's pretty warm. It's -17ºC here today at the moment. Generally in January at this time we used to get even colder temperatures but with Global warming it hasn't been as cold on average.

Regardless, I love winter and the cold temperatures do not bother me. It is also one of the most picturesque times of the year. In addition with frozen waterways and lakes you now have the ability to access many places that were inaccessible previously in warmer seasons.

We in Perth W. Australia are having 41*C temperatures. I made a mini 4 pro clip of one of our sunsets for those feeling a bit cold to warm people up
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Yes it is COLD where I'm at. I flew last week in Brekenridge CO, USA and it was warmer in the mountains than it is at my home in the city. Been below 0 for days. It makes me want to go back to Belize :) thanks for thinking of us up here. Loved your clip!
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that was a good video I liked the view and the water looked pretty calm, WE got a break here 31 F and high 40,s today
I’ve visited Perth once - pretty city and reasonably easy to get around. You didn’t get any footage of the golf course near Scarborough Beach? For those who may not be aware, Rottnest Island is home to the famous Quokka - many a celebrity gets selfies with them. Nice video!
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