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Found in the Sholow Arizona area.


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Dec 26, 2016
Did you lose a flying camera? A good friend of mine found one. Not in my possession at this time other than a picture of what was found. I do have an FAA number. PM if you can describe what we have and the appropriate information.
Have your friend check the SD card, many folks will put contact information on the SD card.
In my hands now. Four videos on a 512Gb card. A waste of money for that size card in my opinion. One of the videos shows the obviously inexperienced pilot flying 5 to 10 feet off the ground for a distance that would certainly interfere with signal strength because of his path and various numerous obstacles. Several areas in that particular video with him(verified by someone I saw in the video)flying sideways with no regard for obstacles that may be in his path. Flys it sideways right into the base of a tree. Wasn’t flying slow but very little damage.

From one of the other videos, he flys from his backyard area and from that, I’m somewhat confident that I can locate his house. He has some red concrete sidewalks that are not common and a house next door with a green roof.
I will probably send up on of my flying cameras to get a better perspective of where exactly he lives and then do a knock and talk. If that fails, I’ll contact DJI.
Update. Back in Sholow with the fly cam. Knocked on the door of the house this one flew from. No one there. The house next door confirmed the house I knocked on is an AirB&B. Got a phone number for the landlord and left a message. Just a matter of time now I think.
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WOW job well done
I wish the people that got my mini 3 would return it. pretty sure the neighbors have it but they denie it of course .they don't like that I fly my drones
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Last update.
Mini3 Pro back in the owners possession. It took a few hours of effort, but he’s happy and can continue his”hobby”.
That is one of the coolest return to owner things I have read. Very nice and good on you to take the extra effort!!!
That is one of the coolest return to owner things I have read. Very nice and good on you to take the extra effort!!!
Actually number two for me.
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