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Freewell All Day Filter Set For Mavic 2 Pro


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Oct 16, 2016

Freewell 4K Series All Day Filter Set


For DJI Mavic 2 Pro

To coincide with the launch of the new Mavic 2 from DJI Freewell Gear have released their range of accessories and filters for this new model.

Freewell Gear make a range of accessories for drones that include ND filters, carry cases and device holders and they have kindly sent me their all day filter set for the Mavic 2 Pro to take a look at.


This new kit contains 8 filters specifically designed for the Mavic 2, Freewell state that these filters use razor sharp optical glass to ensure optimal image quality and that each filter uses 16 layer multicoated optical glass to ensure crystal clarity.

In The Box


Like many of Freewells other filters these come very well protected, this kit comes in two plastic storage cases with the range of filters split across them, standard ND and CPL in one box and the Polarised versions in the other. The lid is completely removable and each filter is held in place by foam in the base of the case.


The Filters


Freewell Gear All Day Filter Kit includes

8 Double Sided Multi Coated Filters

Looking at the ND filters closely you will see that they are extremely well made, the glass is perfectly fitted with no signs of adhesive and both internally and externally the machining is precise with no signs of any imperfections. Externally you can see the Freewell name printed along the top and the ND ratings are marked on the bottom.


To make fitting easier Freewell have also added grips around the outside edge of the filters


Looking at the Polarised filters they are larger overall compared to the ND and have a separate rotating ring that sits on the top to adjust the polarising position. If you have not used Polarised filters before these have the additional ability to restrict light from specific directions depending on where the filter is set, this means you’re able to reduce glare from the sky or remove reflections from water. To set the polarisers position you simply turn the outer ring until you get the desired effect on your footage, this is easy to do on the ground before take off.



Another nice addition is a mark on the ring so you can easily find and remember the desired position for polarisation.




To fit you simply remove the existing UV from the Mavic 2 camera, to do this you gently press and rotate and the glass will turn then release


Once removed you can see the main camera lens and housing


To refit simply place the latches into the holes and rotate left to lock in place



A nice benefit of these Freewell filters is that they can also be left on with the gimbal clamp fitted unlike some others out there so you don’t have to keep removing them for storage.




I have been using these filters for the past few days and I am happy to say in my opinion they are very nice high quality filters. In using and testing them compared to others they have no noticeable colour shift all the way up to the ND64 and are easy to use and fit, I did find the polarised ones a little more of a fiddle to get on compared to the standard ND simply because there base plate is much thinner.

Overall if you looking to buy a pretty much complete pack of filters for the Mavic 2 Pro that should cover every occasion and can be left on between flights then these are well worth a look, as with all Freewell gear you can also have piece of mind that if you get an issue later down the line you will be covered as they include there lifetime warranty as well.

This set is available from as well as amazon and cost’s $129, it contains a filter for every occasion and as usual is covered by Freewells lifetime warranty.

These Filters are available from

Freewell Amazon Store Freewell

Freewell Website
DJI Mavic 2 Pro Filters And Accessories - FREEWELL GEAR

Please note : These filters were received FOC as I do some testing for Freewell, the info provided is an honest reflection in my opinion however as with any preview, review or info provided on any website or YouTube users should look at what a product does, look at many opinions and then make purchase decisions based on that and not a single persons.

I've just ordered a set of these for my M2P and I'll post my findings when I finally receive them. They certainly look good though.
can the gimbal cover be put back on with the PL filters left on ???

The ND filters definitely do but I don't have them yet so I can't say about the NDPL filters. If the gimbal cover goes on with Polar (and other leading) NDPL filters, my guess is they will with Freewell too.
If you look at the second image from the bottom (above), the ND seems to have plenty of clearance in front.
Thanks for the review. I was mainly interested in the bright day 4 pack or long exposure 4 pack to take long exposure bright day photos. May I ask, how would you focus if the filter is so dark? Can you still see through the darkest filter? I'm asking because on my Canon or Sony, I would have to pre-focus then attach the 10 stop filter simply because camera wouldn't acquire focus due to filter being too dark. To which extent (meaning up to which ND filter) can you actually see through the filter? Thanks in advance.
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