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Front sensors tinted?


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Oct 14, 2016
Flew Mavic through jungle & noticed some kind of sap on one of the front sensors - could have been bug juice - anyway left it until I could get home to clean it properly. Using cotton bud with little Windex ( as usual ) I gently removed the sap/bug juice changed the cotton bud & cleaned both sensors until they were both clear BUT I noticed the sensor that had the sap/juice on it looked scratched - on closer inspection it appears that it is not scratched but whatever the glass is coated with seems to have rubbed off during cleaning????
My concern is if it will affect the sensor in any way - especially if the sun is directly in front of the Mavic...............anyone?
Thanks in advance


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I believe Windex attacks some plastics. Seems to be the case here.
I really don't think it is made of plastic - I think it is actually glass that has some kind of tint on the outside & if that is so then wondering if that may affect the sensor in bright sunlight etc
Optics tend to have anti-glare coatings. The cheap ones tend to scratch easy and can be removed with toothpaste. My HTC M8 got scratched and had to be removed. Seemed to be a common problem.
I would hope DJI used a more resilient coating, but with its purpose and location, it might not have been considered to use a more durable coating.
Never use Windex on optics. Original version contains ammonia which is likely to damage plastics or coatings. I would be leary of using the vinegar one too.
70% alcohol would probably be a better choice.
The tint is indeed an anti reflective coating as stated by others above.

If it is removed you shouldn’t have adverse effects other than increased false errors when facing the sun etc. But, given that they are prone to errors anyway I’d just go with it and see if the errors become annoying before I’d worry about it.

I turn mine off for many operations anyway, due to false errors.

If you find you can’t live with it, I’m sure the sensor/board can be replaced, but you might not like the cost.
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Thanks for that - kinda strange the coating could be so easily wiped off like that - think it may have been whatever the substance I tried to remove initially that ate away the coating. I can live with it though & yeah I tend to turn them off when I am line of sight for many projects anyway. Always great to come here help out & be helped out in turn.
Thanks to everyone for their input.

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