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FYI: Side-Note About Interference...


Jun 9, 2018
Just something I notices about Mavic, Yuneec, etc. (and I'm not sure of all the details or science stuff, so...)

I was "lucky" enough to have numerous Yuneec Breeze 4k to use and notices that it was HYPER sensitive to my APPLE watch when I'd go to try...even in my backpack was risky...

After leaving it at home when flying, a huge percentage of my issues resolved themselves...

Fast forward to my new MA...the telemetry and what-not get's ALL wacky and acts quirky for about 30 sec after take off, laggy to respond...then seems to get on track....has never done anything weird otherwise.

Lesson to be learned...APPLE really IS out to ruin all others... :p

Just thought I'd mention it because with the number of flights I've logged with Breeze 4k and now MA, the data deff. shows a significant rise in issues across multiple drone when I wear the Watch (Apple ver2)...

I have only tried it 3 times with my watch and over 30 without. I thought "the MA is so much better" and when it tweaked, I didn't wanna risk it so i stopped trying.
I'd rather keep my drone than wear my watch...
This is discussed in many threads but worth mentioning again. Standard practice should be to remove Apple Watch from wrist & Apple phone from pocket, then place well away from you!
I have to use my phone to fly the thing..... And "knock on wood", I've worn my watch every flight and never had an issue. Not saying the OP is wrong, but it's not a 100% of of the time.
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Me too, James33. Most of the time I take it off and turn it off and put it in a backpack.

More than a few times, I’ve forgotten and left it on and turned on. No probs at all. One of my 1st flights, I even forgot the feet antennae, luckily no probs. Never again.

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