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Gimbals getting scratched during shipping ?

Im just now gettin to look at mine good and it has scratches and im pretty sure the are from the plastic on the body. Both side in the middle had sharp edges that were raised just a tiny bit. I scrapped them even with a knife and im pretty sure it wont happen anymore. 3 nice scratches on my gimble. Oh well i dont think it hurt anything rly so im cool with it. Ima fly the hell out of it tomorrow. Saw a buddy at the football game tonight and he had his mpp out and he gona show me the ropes tomorrow. Had no idea he wld have even had a drone lol oh and my arms DO Rub but when i fold then in and am gentle u can prevent it from doin this. I did it over and over to see if it wld mark it up and it didnt hurt it all. Like i said i dont think either issue will hurt the drone. Ima fly it like i stole it
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Seems to only be an issue with zoom. My pro doesnt have a mark on it.
I flew mine today and those tiny scratches didnt bother anything durin flight lol! Im bad when it comes to stuff like the scratches but i cant even feel them just see em but only if your looking for it when the gimble is turned around.