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Go 4 Choosing 2.4Ghz over 5.8


Aug 20, 2018
So I'll first say I'm new to DJI. I bought a Spark a few weeks ago, loved it so much that I immediately knew I wanted more and returned it for a MA. One thing has me scratching my head. When I'd fly the Spark Go 4 pretty much always chose the 5.8Ghz band for RC to AC comm. But I'm noticing that in the same areas I flew my Spark the MA is choosing the 2.4Ghz band. It would seem that the 5.8 band would be less congested and better for signal. I know 2.4 will reach further in the WiFi router world but I'm not sure that's the case here. Is that why the app is choosing 2.4 over 5.8?
Spark has 2 wireless links, one between phone and RC and one between RC and AC. They need to operate on different bands not to disturb each other, aka one in 2.4 and one on 5.8. Since many phones do not allow using the 5.8 channels DJI uses they default the phone to RC connection to 2.4, and as a result the RC to AC link on 5.8.

MA uses a cable between phone and RC (thankfully) so no more such mess.

2.4 vs 5.8 performance depends a lot on environment. The Spark typically had an edge on 5.8 for some reason but that's not typical, and on the MA 2.4 works better if not disturbed.
Generally speaking, 2.4 gets better range, while 5.8 is best for urban environments. I get fewer interference warnings at 5.8, and I don’t worry about range - I rarely go beyond 1000’ because these drones are so hard to see at that range. Yes, you can see it, but if you look away even for a few seconds, spotting it again may not be that quick.

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