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Goggles cursor is not in the center when using head tracking gimbal with mavic 2 pro


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Feb 24, 2020
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Seattle, WA
Hi, all. I have a set of the white goggs that I have really enjoyed (prefer, really) when flying my phantom 4 pro+

When enabling the gimbal head tracking mode in the goggles, the drone flies towards the little center "cursor" (whatever you call it; it is a digital center-looking-thing" ) in the field of view. That is how you can tell which way your drone is going relative to the direction you are looking. You all know that. In other words, the drone body is going the direction that the cursor is pointing.

NOW. I just bought a Mavic 2 pro, and aside from lousy range (not the subject of this thread), the centering 'cursor' not in the center. If I fly strait ahead, using only right stick, I can see that the cursor is off to the right and high in the field of view, and that the M2P is not flying towards the cursor. It is just off. The phantom works perfectly, kind of taking goggle calibration out of it (if there even is a compass in the goggs, which I don't believe there is. ) It is just a problem w/ the M2P.

I have calibrated via assistant 2, calibrated compass in the phone (Samsung S8+...that is a dumb-feeling exercise, to just wave your phone around in a figure 8 pattern...) Latest firmware. (01.00.0510.)

When you his the 'reset motion control' button in the googles (the one right next to the head tracking gimbal mode, it recenters to the same exact.... Up and to the right. It just isn't in the center.

Anyway. I can't think of anything else. Anyone else know what to try??
I have googled and googled, often getting links to Nothing yet. I may not be calling it the right thing...
Thanks, all.
~Travis in Everett, WA. USA.
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