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Got a little bit of shimmering on the video today


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Feb 19, 2018
Anyone else had this? have done about 15 flights with my MA, I use 4k30, today I noticed a very slight bit of shimmering on my video, not over the whole image but just a patch to the right of centre, it stopped when the drone came to a halt and its not always there, could it be that i'm not using the double framerate/shutter speed thing, ie 4k30 should be a shutter speed of 60, think my shutter speed was something crazy like 1000.

I did a flight directly after this in a field and didn't see any of this shimmering.

Its very odd, I can only describe it as shimmering or slightly wobbly, its not as extreme as some of the Mavic Pro vids I've seen with the wavy video issue.
From what you describe, I'm sure you're encountering prop flicker that occurs from a high shutterspeed while facing the sun. The propellers will block sunlight at a frequency that causes striped flickering in your image, usually around the top corners.

This is an example of it.

Ways to prevent this is to either film away from the sun, or to use a slower shutterspeed in combination with an ND filter to counter overexposure.
Thats not it, there are no lines or anything like that, its just like the shimmering you get when you see heat from a car roof if you get my drift, a slight shimmer where the patch of the image is a little wobbly.
Have a look at the video -

You can see it at around 1:13 around the centre of the image you can clearly see a slight shimmer or wobble of that portion of the image, its not major but i've not seen it before, on the same video but further on its the 2nd flight that day and about 20 mins later in a different area over fields and I can't see any issues from that.
Hmm interesting. The only explanation I could think of is that this is still related to an extremely high shutterspeed, which will capture tiny movements from the drone more easily which the gimbal cannot compensate. High shutterspeeds tend to make the footage more rough due to a near complete lack of motionblur, which although is barely noticeable by itself when flying so high, could still deliver a more fluent transition between frames as well.
But that's only my guess. Perhaps someone else can shed a light on this.
I'm thinking it could be shutter speed, usually I leave it be as my footage always looks great to me when I view it back, i've noticed its usually around a few hundred before but never 1/1000, i'll do a bit of tinkering and try the double framerate thing.
What you're seeing is because of your high shutter speed, it makes movement look choppy and unnatural. Try it again at 1/60 for 4K/30p and you shouldn't see anything like that. If you don't already have a set, this is primarily why people use ND filters. The wavy or "jello" looking effect that you can also see is due to rolling shutter because the Air does not have a mechanical or global shutter - this is also masked by using proper shutter speeds. CMOS sensors have line-by-line readout, and the speed at which it can do that has a direct impact on rolling shutter in cameras with electronic shutters - a certain amount of time will pass between the start and end of the sensor readout, so you get the 'jello' effect when you pan or have fast movement in the frame. Get your shutter speeds in check and all these things should go away or become far less noticeable with a little 'natural' blur :)
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Thanks for the help guys, i'll be testing out some more over the next week or so and first off is the double framerate shutter speed adjustment.
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