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Got my replacement glasses, much better.


May 8, 2018
I ordered my glasses from Amazon. I don't know what happened, or who was to blame, but I obviously received a product that had been opened and used, then sold as new. The seal on the box had been cut, and someone actually put some very lame scotch tape over the original seal.

Unfortunately, that was not my only issue. Not by a long shot. The first thing I noticed was that they already had a charge of about 38%. Again, because they had been used. When I plugged them in to charge, I would check every now and then, and I noticed that they were taking a ridiculously long time to charge. It ended up taking over 12 hours to go from 38% to 100%. Not good.

Unfortunately, that was not my only issue. When I tried to use them, I noticed right away that they got very hot. I've seen that complaint in several different places on the internet, but again this was a ridiculous amount of heat. I got terrible pixelization in the live video, and sometimes it would blank out completely. Pretty much unusable.

I submitted a replacement request through Amazon, and they sent new glasses, next day shipping. These were sealed, charged at 7%, and took 4.5 hours to charge to 100%. I've used them for several flights, and they are working great. I really love these things. It has taken my video production to a whole new level.

I'm sure that the issue was the usb connector on the side of the control unit. I have no doubt in my mind that someone got these glasses that either already had this defective connector, or maybe they caused it, I have no way of knowing. But I'm sure that connector was the issue. That's why they took so long to charge, and that's why they heated up so much, and that's why the live video was so bad.

So for the many folks who may have a heat problem, the first thing I would do is closely monitor how long they are taking to charge. It's hard to know how much heat is normal if you've only used one set. But I can tell you that even my new ones get a bit warm, but nowhere near as hot as the defective ones.

If you think you have an issue, try to get it resolved, don't live with it. It will be well worth the effort. And I can tell you one other thing for sure....I'm going to be very very careful with that usb connection on the side of the controller.
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