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Greetings from Northeastern PA

I think I'm leaning more toward he MPP. I like the higher bitrate of the MA but the WiFI makes me a little uneasy.
I plan on flying LOS but the OcuSync seems to be a stronger connection. At least in my mind.
Welcome to Mavic Pilots .
I hope you will find our site helpful and look forward to any input , photo's/video's you might post .
Don't be shy and ask anything if you can't find it by searching :)
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Welcome to Mavic Pilots from Dayton Ohio! Fly safe and have fun!
Adventure unfolds! Thumbswayup

She arrived today and everything is charging.
Can't wait for this weekend!
Until then, much reading!


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Greetings all.
I am in Northeastern Pennsylvania and am looking to purchase my first drone.
Thanks in advance for all your knowledge and input!
I'm currently trying to decide between the MA and he MPP.
Howdy from Wyoming @Underdog1964 , welcome to the community, plenty of fine folk and excellent information here.
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