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greetings from northern Italy

Thank you !
I found the D-Flight and I loaded the maps but I can't see any no fly zones. Also, I need to take that registration course and I can't find any place to go to take the course online. Also, it has to be an NAA approved course. I spent two hours looking at websites and everybody says "you have to take the registration course" but nobody tells you where to take it?
1) open D-FLIGHT.IT
2) register and create a user profile
3)...then ...access and you'll see all no-flight-zones in Italy (blue,yellow,orange,red...)
4) see my pdf below :)))


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I will be traveling to Italy in May 2024 from US. I am taking a DJI mini 2 Pro and I am trying to create an account with d-flight, but getting error message (See below). I am a bit concerned about providing both my date of birth and Tax payer ID (SSN). I think insurance is only optional. I am trying to understand the guide, but it's all in italian. How did you get through this?


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Although, that is a useful link and wish I had that when I started, it still leads me back to d-flight to register as a pilot. But I can't get past the d-flight account creation. From what I gather is that drones under 250g (such as mini 2) do not require certification, and fall under A1 of the Open Category. What is not clear is if insurance is mandatory for A1.
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What is not clear is if insurance is mandatory for A1.
Call the Italian Embasy, they are in Los Angelos at 12424 Wilshire Blvd #1400, Los Angeles, CA 90025 Their phone number is (310) 820-0622
I'm taking my mini 4 pro to Italy in July.

It doesn't matter if it's under 250 grams because it has a camera on it. You must take a course, get a license and get insurance.
I took the course through the Netherlands web site. which is in English and because the Netherlands is part of the EU, the license is good in all EU countries. You should take 2 courses. the A1/A3 course and the secondary smaller A2 course. Testing is online. The A2 course is supplemental but necessary. Strangely, the A2 course is proctored so you have to take the test with a computer that has a camera so they can watch you actually take the test. It's not hard. I got 97.5% and you only need 75% to pass.

When you take the course and get your certificate, its from EASA and has your training number. Then I registered through D-flight for my Italian UAS Operator number and it gave me another EASA ID#.

On D-Flight there is a separate tab to enter your pilot certification which I entered my ID # from my A-1/A-3 training certification in the Netherlands. My numbers are different. Training in Netherlands but I'll be flying in Italy, so 2 different numbers.

Freddygang in another thread said, "registered in Italy as a non-EU citizen. I found the D-flight website confusing at best. I ended up contacting their online support (again, through quite a byzantine process), but to their credit they answered very swiftly and helped me through the registration. Worth dropping them a line to check anything that may not be clear".

I read somewhere that when you arrive in Italy with your drone in it's case at customs, they want to see your EASA certificate and insurance policy.

Below are important links. I spent 2 months trying to find all this info!!

Here is the link to the drone course you need in English. Take the A1-A3 + A2 course.
Training in English

I hope this makes the whole process easy for you. Please let me know if you have any problems. Best, Wayne
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hi everybody!
I'm an "old man" living next to Garda Lake, northern Italy.
I like riding my motorcycles (Harley 😍 and BMW) and my german shepard called Lupa
I bought a Mini 4 Pro few days ago and hope to go flying as soon as possible because since today we have a very bad weather, with snow and chilly temperatures
Very very glad to join this forum.
a great hug everybody Thumbswayup
Welcome from San Antonio, Texas USA
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I just went through the horrendous process of registering my mini 2 drone and as an operator on There are about 25+ steps you have to go through, and taken me nearly 2 hrs. I orginally had difficulty just creating an account with d-flight. I tried for 2 weeks getting same error. I tried today and was successful. It's a long process and lot's of stumbling blocks, and I am now awaiting d-flight to confirm my operator registration.
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