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Hand-Catch, gimbal turns camera to right... Why?


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Oct 26, 2016
So I just completed the first two flights with the Mavic Pro 2.

Launched from ground and hand-caught for each landing. Each time I caught the Mavic (keeping it level and in-place until the motors stopped), the gimbal turned the camera to the right. Why would this happen? Is there a setting I'm missing? Something to do with FPV goggle settings (I was not flying FPV)? The in-flight gimbal performance was normal. Please see photo:

Protecting it maybe?
It has got a new "feature" that isn't document that a split second before landing it returns the gimbal to horizontal (if its looking down) presumably to protect it.
Maybe its sort of doing that but hand catch is confusing it (because we're not meant to hand catch according to dji !).
Is the side it's pointing to the side you catch it from,
if it is maybe it's looking to see who is grabbing it's bottom .:)