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  1. C

    No Gimbal movement and no video feed

    I was having gimbal motor error after landing a hill with stones. But the gimbal and video was ok. Just cannot calibrate the gimbal and it was knocking. Anyway i tried to replace the ribbon and BOOM. No video now and no movement of gimbal. Then i changed the silver cable (video transmittin) but...
  2. G

    Gimbal resetting???

    Today, my camera seems to have glitched mid-air. I was physically within 30 yards of my unit though as the flight wasn't affected during this erratic fluttering gimbal for a few seconds. Any thoughts? Mavic pro
  3. Fat Bastard

    Hand-Catch, gimbal turns camera to right... Why?

    So I just completed the first two flights with the Mavic Pro 2. Launched from ground and hand-caught for each landing. Each time I caught the Mavic (keeping it level and in-place until the motors stopped), the gimbal turned the camera to the right. Why would this happen? Is there a setting I'm...
  4. Bohicah

    Mavic Hybrid drones

    I haven't been able to see a mavic pro zoom up close and personal yet, or see the gimbal dimensions. My thought is, would it be possible to convert your mavic pro 1 with a zoom camera? Im guessing you will need the controller as well as i think it has zoom controls. It might be physically...
  5. Morawka

    Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom Gimbals can be swapped in 15 minutes: Detailed pics inside

    Hey guys, I decided to take one for the team and break apart my Mavic Pro 2 Pro to see how complicated gimbal repairs were going to be. Good news, it's very easy. The entire procedure can be done in as little as 15 minutes. With the glue controversy going on, I also wanted to see how the...
  6. C

    DJI Mavic pro 2 Issues

    Hello everyone, made a short video of a problem that a buyer discovered pretty quick after he got the drone.. Sorry for my horrible English pronunciation.
  7. A

    Mavic Pro Gimbal Problems

    Problem? Mavic Pro gimbal spazzes out upon startup Was unit in a crash? Yes, 1 month ago, but flew fine for a month What have you tried so far? calibration, factory reset, replaced gimbal with this part (Sign in or Register | eBay) What device are you using ( iphone , ipad, Samsung , etc)...
  8. MrMavic

    Mavic Gimbal - Jumping Erratically, Will Not Stabilize

    I was in the mountains yesterday and was going to do some flying, but the camera would not stabilize. Symptoms: Camera slams to the up down limits every 30 seconds or so. On the screen of FPV I kept getting a warning that the gimbal lock was in place, Gimbal Obstructed, but it was not. I tried...
  9. D

    *CRASH* & No Video after several repairs!

    Not having the best luck with fixing my mavic pro after a palm tree island crash earlier this year. I've been reading all the forums and following all the threads and watching all the videos and unfortunately I've hit the "wall". I dunno where to go from here and would appreciate your input! I...
  10. H

    Mavic Pro basic info for confused newbie..

    I used to have a Spark for a couple of weeks but when it went wrong, I returned it and was offered a MP at a great price so I bought it. I was under the impression that the Spark had a gimbal that would move in only one plane - up and down, but the MP had a gimbal that would move in all...
  11. E

    New firmware - IMU calibration and other issues

    1. Just updated to newest firmware. Afterwards I have had several issues - drift during flight amongst them. I am calibrating the IMU according to DJI´s video instructions - it remains stuck on step 2 - any solutions ? I have watched the recommended video, done precisely as it recommends, but...
  12. G

    Seeing the gimbal assembly has lowered my confidence

    After a year of trouble free flying I had a minor crash last week , no mystery about that, it got caught in a branch and dropped just a few feet. It was my fault and it appeared to be just prop damage. Unfortunately, I had the gimbal overload error and so had to replace the ribbon cable. The...
  13. N

    Is this gimbal tilt normal?

    Hello, New to the forum and looking for some advice. I recently unboxed my Mavic Air, and noticed that when moving left or right, the quad tilts and everything looks normal until it reaches a certain degree, then suddenly the gimbal tilts quickly as if it cannot compensate for the angle past...
  14. Jetspeed35

    "Sloppy" gimbal (not jello)

    I've had the jello gimbal before and found a fix on YouTube. This is different and I haven't been able to find anything on how to resolve it, probably because I don't really know what to call it. Whenever I yaw my Mavic Pro, my gimbal "sympathetically" rolls away from the turn, almost like it...
  15. C

    Mavic Camera Blur Bug, one solution that works for me

    You are all ready to go, the light is perfect, the sky and landscape look amazing but when your Mavic booted up there's weird blur, like the kind used to do a miniature effect with tilt shift lenses. You follow the guidelines and forum suggestions of resetting the camera, re-calibrating...
  16. E

    Mavic Pro often "disconnected"

    I have been advised to seek advice here by dirkclod. I have had a Mavic Pro for 12 months and used it all over the world BUT it is at the same time superb and infuriating. Yesterday I was supposed to take a picture in front of our church in Norfolk, UK with the whole congregation. I had used...
  17. D

    Camera vibration

    My Mavic's gimbal and camera suddenly started to go nuts on start up, this would stop and then repeat every 30 secs or so (my Mavic has never had any crashes or hard landings and has only been flown about 8 times) I replaced the ribbon and put it all back together and it appeared to fix it...
  18. B

    Collision avoidance failure - covered by guarantee?

    Problem? Camera gimbal and propellers broken Was unit in a crash? Yes What have you tried so far? Gimbal is not workind, nothing to do about that. What device are you using ( iphone , ipad, Samsung , etc)? Honor 7 lite What firmware are you running ( aircraft, remote controller)? Mavic Pro...
  19. Z

    Mavic Gimbal Issue (loose)

    I recently crashed my drone and it looked like the rubber end for the anti-vibration stuff came loose. Anyone know how to put it back in? I tried with tweezers and small screwdrivers...anyone know of a tool that would make it easier?
  20. M

    Rookie Mistake causes Gimbal Overload Error

    Today I turned on my MA, put it on a hard floor (a concrete path), but forgot to turn out the landing legs. So unbeknown to me the camera was facing down, touching the path, and the gimbal was being restricted from moving. I had a RED Gimbal Overload Message appear on the screen. I looked...