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  1. D3R1CK84

    Mavic mini gimbal issue.

    Greetings, So the other day my gimbal stopped working out of nowhere, I did not crash or anything either. It does its normal start-up but once that is done it won't do anything, can't control it from the remote either. If you put your ear up to it, it makes a scratching noise as a dirty cd...
  2. T

    Can the Mavic 2 Zoom and Pro gimbals still be interchanged in 2022?

    I’ve seen online that the Mavic 2 Zoom and Pro gimbals can be interchanged. However I haven’t found any updated info on whether this is still possible in 2022. I’m worried that DJI has locked this feature behind firmware (like apple does with parts from different phones) Anyone have recent...
  3. K

    SOLD —Mavic Pro - Fly More Combo + Ronin RSC2

    Hey all, I have an original Mavic Pro Fly More Combo up for grabs, with an additional battery - total of 4. Also included is the Nanuk 920 Pro hard shell case, a set of 3 Polar Pro ND filters, 16gb & 32gb SD cards, and includes quiet props installed. All accessories from the fly more kit are...
  4. N

    Gimbal offset more then 10 degrees

    Hi all, I have replaced my mavic 2 pro gimbal after a crash. New gimbal after turn on calibration has a 45 deg offset in yaw and 6 deg offset in roll. I tried manual calibration gets stuck on 20%. tried IMU calib and MAG calib didnt help. the offset manual fix in the app is up to 10 deg for each...
  5. J

    Camera not level when flat

    Hi all, I've been noticing an issue with my M2P, which seems to be getting more noticeable - the camera when pointed straight down doesnt seem to be fully level/flat. I believe this is the case because: 1) in post production when rotating the photos, there's a tilt, by which one way looks...
  6. T

    Sudden Gimbal movements

    Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great start into 2022! I have noticed something weird with my Mavic Air2 several times now. I've had it for half a year now and never crashed or dropped it. Since last month, the gimbal sometimes suddenly tilts down while flying backwards. I will try to attach...
  7. B

    Mavic 3 Horizon (Gimbal) Tilt

    Hi guys, Unfortunately, I could not fly the aircraft yet due to rainy weather. That didn't hold me back though from unboxing it and setting it up. I also made some recordings indoors. What I have noticed is that the gimbal (horizon) of my Mavic 3 tilts to the left and to the right by itself...
  8. S

    Vibrating gimbal and Mini not pairing

    My Mini's gimbal is malfunctioning with a fast vibration of the camera when I power it up, it also no longer pairs with the controller (I use an iPhone 11 with it). I updated the Mini software and Fly apps last week, and tonight took the Mini up for a quick flight. Everything was normal, it...
  9. WildDoktor

    I had some unnerving gimble glitches failure?

    Have you seen this issue before? Any idea what causes it, and how to make it never happen again? It really drained my confidence and made for a nerve wracking rest of the flight. No fun! Problem? I am still new to the mavic pro (but not drones in general); looks like i have right around 5hrs /...
  10. B

    Gimbal needs to be calibrated often

    I've had my Mavic 2 Pro for a couple years, rarely if ever calibrating the gimbal, but lately it's been getting misaligned (crooked horizon) often. At my last shoot, it happened 2 or 3 times: horizon was crooked, I ran calibration, then it was fine. I haven't had any collisions or anything...
  11. H

    DJI Mavic mini 1 camera stuck. Touches bottom plastic piece. How do I fix it?

    Pretty much what I wrote in title. It seems to be touching the plastic part under the gimbal. Is it something I can fix myself?
  12. S

    No video after flex cable repair

    Hello. I am a relatively new pilot and bought a Mavic Pro with the infamous Gimbal Overload error, and a flex cable. I successfully repaired the flex cable, and it stabilizes, but I lost the video feed. I get no errors from the app, and am pretty sure that the camera itself is OK, so I presume...
  13. A

    gimbal separation.

    Hello all. Had a minor crash yesterday when prop clipped a tree branch. MVP2 fell and landed on it top. Had to replace a prop and the gimbal center hub had popped slightly out of place. I was able to center it and get it back in place but there is a small gap. Everything seems to function...
  14. maggior

    Gimbal Motor Overload

    Today I took my Mavic Air 2 out for a debut flight and it was a wonderful experience. The footage is stunning and it's an absolute pleasure to fly. One thing happened that was concerning...when taking off after a practice landing, I noticed that the video footage was jerky, like on a budget...
  15. kimpanattoni

    Unlocking Mavic Pro axis?

    Heya everyone: Again forum-fu search not strong failure here. The Mavic Pro M1P has a 3 axis gimbal, and as I understand it, full control of this can only be achieved using goggles. This was the statement many years ago. What has changed since then -if anything has- to allow full control of it...
  16. F

    Yet another mavic mini gimbal stuck thread, with some differences

    Hi all, sorry for yet another mavic mini gimbal stuck thread. But I haven't been able to find a solution to my problem after trying all of the fix on the forum and youtube. One of the main difference between my error and the others is that I'm stuck on 0% when trying to calibrate the gimbal...
  17. D

    Mavic 2 Pro limp gimbal after initial calibration

    I've been searching the internet for weeks now but found no solution or any cases of my exact problem. I would like to know if any of you have experienced this and how you solved it. After having my Mavic stored for 3 months I tried to fly it for the first time but noticed the feed was shaky...
  18. M

    How much weight can the gimbal handle?

    In terms of filters, how much weight would be acceptable for the gimbal to handle? The oem filters weight about 1.5 ounces
  19. 3

    Mavic Air Gimbal replacement

    Hi all. As the title implies, I need to replace the gimbal on my Mavic air. I had a minor crash the other day, and everything works in terms of flying, but the gimbal is getting the Gimbal overload message, and it’s also not responding smoothly, or accurately. I am currently in Hawaii right now...
  20. S

    Mavic Air 2 RPY Gimbal Extraction?

    Hi, I would like to ask if it's possible to get data of RPY corrections of the Gimbal itself for the Air 2? And also is it possible to get the RPY data of the Air 2 from its IMU? I think I saw this feature from the P4 series but I would like to verify if somebody knows how to do this in Air 2...