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Harbor Freight $29 case

Apaches are some good cases. Did you have to cut alot of foam?

Cut in two layers for Mavic, batteries, iPad and controller. In one layer for tablet holder.
Looks good. Some people suggest to spray it with Plasti Dip. Will try later on foam I removed to see how it works.
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Oh man this looks tempting! I was going to order the GPC case but this looks good enough for a fraction of the cost.

for $29 you can't be wrong :)
just remember you have to cut some foam - pieces like this one
but they are easy to remove - just do not brake the one you have to keep in the case.
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I have the case too - it's excellent! I'll need to try the plastidip though! Great idea!
I usually keep mine separate, I mostly fly with my phone. I'm not sure it's deep enough for a full size tablet standing up, but I will try it when I get home. It looks very close eye-balling it.
It's not deep enough for a full size iPad.

With the right layout you could trim foam off the top layer (or egg crate) and lay it flat.
I have the Sam’s Club equivalent version for my DSR kit. I only gripe about it is the orientation of the latches. I wish they were connected to the base rather than the lid as to stay out of the way when you’re trying to close it. Other than that they are great for around town.
I picked up the 4800 case today, got everything inside nicely. Drone + mavmount + extra stuff from the Fly More package! It's a surprisingly well made case for a fraction of the price of a Pelican.
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