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Heard of Jesus Lizard? How about Jesus Mavic?


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Oct 17, 2018
Long story, I will try to make it short. I live in bay area that's 15000' across. My previous record was 17000' X2 with 25% battery remaining. And last Thursday when I dropped off my kids in school, I saw how beautiful the days was, no wind, and the sea was as clam as it can get. So, I decided it is time to take out the Mavic. I started on the edge of the bank (3’ above sea level) and began flying with 100% battery (35 cycles) and raised to 50' height and began the journey (19-20mph). 9 min later, it was 15000' away and I raised the Mavic to 125' because of trees on the other side. Then I continued to 17000' at 10:18 and 64% battery. Since I had a little video breakup, I raised the Mavic to 200' and continued. 18000....19000. When it reached 20154' I felt like I have achieved something. It still had 57%. Then the return trip began (20-22mph). I pressed RTH and waited. 17000’(49%)…. 14000’(42%)…. 11000’(35%)…. 8000’(28% and the low battery waring)….5000’(21%)….2000’(13%). At this point. I began to worry. But I told myself the Mavic covered 4500’ in 10% battery. It will be fine. I was SOOOOOOO WRONG. When it reached 1300’ (I cannot see the Mavic on the sky, too far), It drained to 10% and the battery was critically low and wanted to land, and began descend from 200”down to 180 . I started to panic and raise the Mavic back to 200’ and still full speed ahead. This was my first mistake. The distance increased from 1300…. 1500…. 1700….. 1873. I then realized that the Mavic has turned around to the same direction it took off. Now the battery was at 8%. I stopped the Mavic at mid air 1873' away and trying to find land. But the sun was really bright and all I can see on the screen was a strip of green. What can I do? The battery is now at 9%. I keep the drone turning around but the 200ms lag in video transmission plus my 500ms reaction time seem too much this case as when I saw land, the Mavic has already passed the direction. While all this is happening, my second mistake occurred, the Mavic decrease the height to 24’ (try remember this #). I did not know what to do that at this point, I still think that the Mavic is 200’ in the air since I have canceled the landing. Now I am out of option and told myself that I may have lost the Mavic. I still remembered myself hopelessly press RTH and wish the Mavic will come home by itself. We all know that it is not going to happened. But like a light bulb went on in my head, I realized if I don’t do anything now, the Mavic will be on the bottom of the sea in 3 minutes. I told myself, any land is better that water. So I just press full speed ahead and wish myself good luck. It didn’t work the first try. distance is now 2025. I try turned a bit more and forward. The distance remained the same. Once more, to my surprise, the distance began to decrease, but I am at 7%. 1800….1600….1200….800 (only 4% still nowhere to be seen)……250’ (2%) Now I can hear the Mavic. I heard it over my left shoulder. So I looked, thinking the Mavic is still 200’ in the air. At arrpox 100’ away, no one will believe what I have seem. The Mavic was GLIDING on top of the water like a boat (more like a bird with its bill in the water and gliding). The 2 front landing gear and part of camera cover was in the water while the 4 props spun full speed just cm above water. It actually created 2 trails of water wave. I froze for about 10 seconds, trying to piece what I have seen. I know the Mavic can tip over and went under at any second so I raised it to about 10’ but still full speed. I knew I cannot stop the drone and correct course. It was heading to land 150’ away from me. But then I made my third mistake. There was a big tree. I stop the drone once it clear land but the momentum took in straight. I was able to avoid a head on collision but the branches broke all 4 props and the Mavic drop from 6’ height. That point it has only 1%. That was my miracle flight. Total 41868’, 23:39 and 1% battery remain. Broke all 4 prop and not a scratch on the body. The Mavic’s data log shown 25” height when it was flying inches above water for approx. 2000’ I didn’t know how it happened but I was happy that it did. I reached home and remove the battery and the bottom cover. Just a little water got in, nothing major. Unfortunately, the camera stop record at 30%. I wish I can share the video with everyone.
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Glad you got it back.
Why does everyone try to push the limit?
Thrill of the chase???
Personally, VLOS is good enough for me. I get nervous if I can't see it.
I am more worried about injuring someone or doing damage than losing it.
I know I should not take it to its limit. I was lucky. But I am more interested to find out why and how it was able to glide on water
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