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Hello from NW New Jersey


New Member
Oct 5, 2023
NW New Jersey
I have had an on again off again interest in drones for years but have never taken the plunge to purchase one.

How my story goes … I see an ad for the latest drone, become interested, read the reviews, watch the videos, peruse the forums, check the latest rules and regulations, quietly suggest the idea to the wife 😉, eventually become fatigued by information overload, the urge passes … wash rinse repeat … years later and I am still droneless.

Step back a few months I wash rinse repeat the process for the Air 3 release. About the time the fatigue stage sets in my wife, and I begin to planning a trip to the Dolomites in Italy for next year. She says I should get a drone for this trip! Stop the presses! Now my wife would never stop me from purchasing a drone, but she has never strongly encouraged it either. With her words of encouragement followed almost immediately about rumors of the Mini 4 Pro (now a reality) it has become hyper mode of drone thoughts.

If / when I take the plunge it will be a tough decision between the Air 3 and Mini 4 pro. Advantages / disadvantages to both along with the consideration of taking it to Italy next year. A whole new set of rules and regulations I have been trying to make senses of. I know, a bit of a long-winded intro on drone forum for someone who does not even own a drone, but I suspect that may change between now and the holidays. In the meantime, I have laundry to do … wash rinse repeat!
Hello from the Crossroads of America N41W74.

Get both. One you and one for her. :D

Im not up to speed with the newer aircraft and bells / whistles they have, but the Air 3 might be a better aircraft but the Mini 4 may be easier to fly in another country due to it's size. 🤔

Others will be along to give you better advice. 🧐

Good luck and welcome to the Forum. :cool:

Welcome to Mavic Pilots! :) Enjoy the forum!Thumbswayup
tough decision between the Air 3 and Mini 4 pro.

Welcome from the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, USA. We have a Member's Map in the Upper Right of the Title Bar. Click on "Members" and then Click on "Member's Map…" Check it out and you might find some new flying friends.

As a yet New Drone Pilot, there are a couple of Legal Things you may need to do now and need to do later after you get your first drone…

If you have not already done so, you will need to get your TRUST Certificate. You can get that at the Pilot Institute Web Site (FREE…). If your Drone weighs less than 250-grams (0.55 pounds), and while you are flying under The Exception for Recreational Flyers, you are not required to register your Drone.

When I first started flying I registered my Mini 2 because the TRUST Certificate and FAA Registration established me as a "certified" Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Pilot.

Link to the TRUST Certificate at the Pilot Institute Web Site (FREE…)

FAA TRUST Online Portal for Recreational Drone Operators - Pilot Institute
Get your FAA TRUST Certificate of Completion to legally fly drones for recreational reasons in the United States.

Link to the FAADroneZone (Optional Registration for Drones under 250-Grams…)

If you are considering acquiring your Part 107 License, here is a link to get you going…

Since you live in New York, there are specific laws and rules for you to follow, please check the link below for all the Rules and Laws that are in effect in your neck of the woods and it also links you to some of the Best Places to Fly in your area… Also, if you travel on vacation, visit friends, and relatives in other parts of the country, check back here so you do not run afoul of the law.

Even if you have flown Drones before, here is some Good Old Fashion Advice…

You paid a lot of money for that Drone, put your phone number on it. If your drone gets lost or stuck in a tree and it finally comes down when you are not around, give the finders an opportunity to contact you so it can be returned.

Now, for the Fun Part, But do not let the excitement of the moment get the best of you. When you are going out to fly, do it slowly and deliberately. Get used to a set procedure and even practice it.

There are so many things I could write but these are the highlights that I feel need mentioning.

Plug in your phone/tablet into your controller; turn on the Controller and DJI Fly App (if it does not start on its own…). On the Drone, open the front legs, then open the back legs, then remove the Gimbal Cover.

The Gimbal is the most delicate item on the Drone and banging or bumping can damage it. I also fastened a short "Remove Before Flight" ribbon to the cover so it's more noticeable and I do not forget to remove it…

Turn on the drone and watch it come to "life." Watching the Gimbal go through its self-check is almost like watching a puppy or kitten opening its eyes for the first time…

Place the drone down (preferably on a Landing Pad) while it finishes its self-test (collecting satellites, etc…).

Check your battery status (Phone, Drone, and Controller), check the Signal Strength, by now the Controller should have reported it updated the Home Point.

Lift off, 6- feet (2-meters) or so, hover a bit, check the controls (move the drone a bit forward, back, left, right, yaw left and right). By now, your Controller will probably report again, Home point Updated.

If you go out in a rush and race thru your start up and take off before the drone has finished it prep, it may update its Home Point over that pond or that old tree you are flying over and in your excitement, you'll fly the drone long past it Low Battery point and when it engages Return to Home and lands in the pond or in a tree; it will be all on you…

Now go have fun, learn to fly the drone by sight before you try to fly it out a distance depending on the video feed, FPV.

I would also advise you to use YouTube and watch a lot of the Videos on flying and setting up the Drone. When it is too dark, too cold, or too wet, you can "fly it vicariously" through YouTube. Also watch some of the Blooper Drone Videos and learn how not to fly your "New Baby."

Since you are having a tough decision between the Air 3 and Mini 4 pro, her are the links to both of their user manuals…

Keep watching those video… and also check out the our sub forum for these two drones…

Fly On and Fly Safe…
@N41W74 firstly welcome to the forum
in relation to each other ,the Air 3 and Mini 4 pro are not disimilar ,and apart from the Duel camera on the Air 3 , and its flying abilities in windier conditions ,then feature wise ,they are very close
its really down to where you intend to fly ,and the advantages that the sub 250g ,has over the Air 3 in that respect
Greetings from Birmingham Alabama USA, welcome to the forum! We look forward to hearing from you!
Welcome to the forum! :)
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