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How long have you been flying Dji? And


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Apr 25, 2020
How much local storage do you have and how much is used?

I have been flying far less than some in here at about 3 years (only know fly app lol).

Currently have local storage of around 12 terabytes. Used about 7.

Cloud back up my edited video and raw photos as back up. I'm a bit of a data hoarder in general and good lord 4k eats up space since I started.

Before someone asks, I will delete some video but rule of thumb is if I know it has something i just save to delete later lol.

For photos I tend to to take the jpegs for 90% of my stuff via download to phone and use but take the raw file as well that stays on the drone and gets dumped to back up... poor habit but 90% of my photos editing is using snapseed on android anymore. If I really really like a photo I will grab the raw and do a second edit on a computer ( or take back to snapseed sometimes or photoshop) but I like having the original stored. Same with Panos I will let dji stich most of them but take the individuals as well if I want to proccess them.

As my eye and editing skill has changed I find going back to edit a old photo on the computer during a no fly day fun years later..

Anyways a lot going on past simple questions here..

How long have you been flying DJI?
How much LOCAL storage do you have?
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I've been flying my DJI drone for a little over 2 years. I have 4 TB of storage that is almost full. I used to record full flights at 4k which eats up tons of space. I've stopped doing that but I have been shooting photos in RAW since last September.
I save everything. After each flying session, I copy the contents of my SD card onto my drone video/photo storage drive. I'm going to have to do something since I'm running out of storage space though I don't fly anywhere near as much as I used to and I take far less video than I used to.
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I guess my first flights were with the Phantom I or II around 2013 or 2014 but it didn't really catch my imagination until the FPV came out. Since then I bought a Mavic 3, an Avata, a Mini3 Pro and now a Mavic 3 Pro. My computer has 24 TB of storage with about 17 or so full and 24 more for backup. I use a fast NVME for my FCP work via Thunderbolt. I only shoot RAW with my drone and my cameras. I shot dLog or now, mLog (however that's named).
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I started with DJI in 2018 with P3P and DJI go (for products before P4) and I stil fly it. Have since added a Mavic 3 Classic and a mini 3 both using DJI Fly. Similar apps, but different, both in good and bad ways.
As far as storage goes, I mostly fly to fly and the camera is just a bonus so anything worth saving is processed and uploaded to Youtube. The rest is deleted so storage has never been a concern.
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I've been flying DJI for 3 1/2 yrs, my first drone was the mavic mini. It was a very good platform to learn from. I bought a second drone a year later, a MA2. I sold my mavic mini and upgraded to a mini 3 pro. Very fond of both drones. I have several Storage hard drives from 1 T to 4 T. I'm all about flying, always and foremost as I come from flying radio control planes, 25 yrs. I love taking pictures and rarely take video. Having the heads up display changes the whole dynamics of flying for me, well that and GPS. I like the challenge of it all.
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My first DJI drone was a P3S in 2017 then MPP in 2018 MM in 2019 and now a Mini 3 pro
i still have the MPP
for storage i use a 4tb external drive
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My first drone was a Mavic Pro a year after it was released late in 2017. I since purchased the Mini 2 and enjoyed it but was under impressed with it compared to the much older Mavic Pro. I then instantly the Mavic 3. lol

I only have 4tb of local storage. I also have four more tb of online storage via google drive and OneDrive and Adobe Creative Cloud but you didn't ask about that. The 4tb of local is what I work with daily. I really don't need more space because I would just fill it right up in no time. lol.

Where I'm at (as a hobbyist and nonprofessional) only having 4tb keeps me active and on top of what I'm working with. My online storage (with the exception of Adobe) is for much older media and documents I just want/need to hang on to. Yes, Im constantly deleting and organizing. lol
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I started off with a Phantom 2 Vision in January 2015 and when I crashed it on my third flight I ordered a Phantom 2 Vision Plus and promptly crashed that one too. I got them both repaired and didn't crash them since. Then I got myself a Typhoon H480 in mid 2016 when they first came out. I flew all three drones (on different days of course) until I retired the Phantom 2 vision in 2018 and then I retired the Vison Plus in 2021 leaving me with just the H480 until a few months ago when I got a Mini 3 Pro.
Storage: 4TB on a 4K tower computer and a 4TB external hard drive. I keep all my past video files and have not exhausted the file space yet since I don't fly anywhere near every day and (due to ill health) only flew my H480 just 7 times last year and even less in 2022. In the 2 months that I've owned the Mini 3 Pro I've flown 8 times: More than I did all last year, and I'm out with it again next Wednesday!
first started using dji in 2012 with the naza and flamewheel.
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