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How to get flight information back from micro card or drone and see my flight?


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Sep 22, 2018
I see options in the DJI assistant to download DAT files, etc. I want to be able to see my flights during that day with a program on my computer that will show my pretty much all the data, video and stats while the drone is flying. What is the easiest way to convert that information and get it, then input into a program or website and see my flight right in front of my eyes. I'm not looking to edit anything, I just want to see all flight data as I would as if I'm flying the drone. Then take snapshots of the screen and send them to whom ever. Is there standard way of doing this? I really would appreciate the information. I did look up and investigate myself, but there were so many websites that wanted *.TXT files, *.DAT files, I really didn't know which ones would do what I wanted.

Thank you!
You can use something like perhaps.

If you sync your flights to your DJI account using the "flight records" page, you can have airdata pull the flights automatically from your DJI account, without you having to manually upload anything. A lot of other apps like litchi, mapsmadeeasy etc also support native upload to your airdata account...
Thank you, but anything I downloaded from the controller, drone it was just all DAT files. No *.TXT files. I'll check the link out.
UPDATE: Ok, need to install iTunes and grab the file locally. Ok, will try that. Thanks.
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