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how to see the top line with the goggles on


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Feb 26, 2018
If I do not use the "scuba gopro chest harness" approach I have documented elsewhere, I cannot see the top text line of the goggles no matter how I try to adjust them. For a few seconds after tightening down the knob, I can see the top. But as soon as I start moving my head around, the goggles tilt down and I cannot see the top line about battery remaining unless I use a free hand to hold up the goggles.

Has anyone found a workable solution for this problem? Normal size head: hat size 7 1/8.
I've never had a problem like that with mine. After reading your post, I just put my goggles on and tried to physically pull them down to make them do what you describe and I can't get it to do that. When you put your goggles on, you should have the head band up. Put the goggles where you want them and then pull the band down. You should be pulling the band down far enough to where that extra head pad is snug on your forehead. That's the piece that is supposed to keep what you describe from happening. Only tighten the band after you get that head pad nice and firm on your head. After I put mine on, I try to replicate your problem by pulling down on them and I cannot do it. That extra head pad prevents it from going down. Either you have a really, really odd shaped head, or you aren't putting them on right.
Think I have a standard 7 1/8 hat-sized-head. I put on the head band first. Pull it down on the back side of my head as far as it will go with the knob opened up to make ring have maximum size. I then tighten up the knob. It originally grabs the back side of my skull at the top of the neck. But as soon as I pull down the visor, it slips no matter what I do and I have to re-tighten the knob which puts the visor lower on my face. I will try you visor first and see if that changes anything.
Put them on like this Bradley Cooper looking guy. 35 seconds in is where he puts them on. After you line up the goggles with you eyes, then pull the headband down. You should feel the headpad piece snugly on your forehead, then tighten the band. Hope that helps!
I watched the video and tried your method of: fit goggles first to eyes, then pull down headband and tighten.

I have the same problem. When I pull down the headband and tighten, I can see the top of screen for a few seconds. But invariably the headband comes free from the back of my head and rides up like 1/2 to 1 inch. This is with the band tightened to the almost pain point. At that point, the goggles tilt downward and I cannot see the top of the screen.

I am going to try to put in some stiff neoprene foam on the bottom part of the lens frame. I will use double sided sticky tape to hold it in place. That may give me enough lift from the bottom part of the LCD assembly to not have the goggles tilt down. THis has become a real problem because I fly for 25 minutes and then realize I cannot see my drone battery supply. I usually find the controller vibrating to tell me I am at low battery.
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