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I asked ChatGPT a question about a law conflict between Florida and the FAA

So does that mean ChatGPT "learns" from its mistakes?
All ai has a bias based on its programers (it's the reason you can receive so many factually incorrect answers) some will allow it to learn others permanently keep the bias. Unfortunately the majority of the bias has been shown to be politically driven. It only takes 2 or 3 questions to see this bias.
Oh, I should add that there have been cases where ChatGPT's responses were incorrect or totally made up so we cannot rely on them but it did give me some pointers on where to look.
One way to help read out those responses is to include in your question a statement asking ChatGPT to tell you if it has used sources, is making assumptions where is delivering an opinion. You can also ask that it cites any sources used.
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