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I'm new here, my drone left me on the mountain.

Welcome to the forum. We look forward to your participation and your view of the world.
Thanks for you encouragement. I have Care Refresh and the replacement drone arrived yesterday.
Best of luck to you, before you launch, be sure to set all the parameters and set the max height and range to a relatively short distance and then test to those distances... For instance, set max height to 50-feet and max range to 100 feet (this is what I do when the grand kids play with the drone in the park). then try to fly higher, it funny, it's like the drone bumped into a glass ceiling... As for max range, when it reaches it, it's like it bumped into a glass cylinder, it will fly all along the "cylinder" and never get more than the distance set...

RTH only works when the drone is more than 20-meters away, so reset the distance and max height (range 200'amnd height 200") and set your RTH height to 175' and fly out to 150' or so and then try all the RTH Modes, Manually, then turn off the controller, and then run the battery down...

Believe me this is scary, but if you do not have the confidence that it will work, you will always be fearful.

Be sure to have your video running and if you can record the video screen, do that too... You would be surprised at what appears that you might not notice as you gaze at your drone to see if it is flying away or retuning home… L o L . . .
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Yes, losing a drone really feels like losing friend.
Did you name you drone, I know it was relatively new, but when you name it, it becomes a whole lot more personal.... Mine is named, "Miss Minny"
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