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IMU redundancy switch


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Dec 3, 2017
Zürich, Switzerland
Hi guys,
I have noticed that sometimes my Mavic Air will show a yellow warning message "IMU redundancy switch" in the DJI Go app right after powering it on.

The message will disappear after a few seconds and won't show up in the logs on AirData. Also, if I check the IMU status manually they are both OK.

Is that something I should be worried about? Sign of a potentially defective mainboard? Or just "one of those quirks"?

I'm running the latest firmware. It happens every 2-3 flights or so, but no issues besides that spurious error message.
Sign of a potentially defective mainboard?

It's possible. More probable is the IMU takes a while to initiate especially going from one temperature to another, one humidity level to another, one altitude to another. Sometimes I cant get a drone to fly until the IMU has finished calibrating. Its essentially saying, "dont touch me until Im ready."
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I'll bump this one to see if anyone else has experienced this error message at random.

I'm still getting it once out of every 4-5 flights, even after calibrating IMU and compass. The Air behaves normally, there's absolutely no impact on the flight itself, and if I check the IMU status in the app they both show "green".

In a thread in the DJI forums a moderator recommends to send in the Air for service if the issue persists. However I'm hesitant to do so if it behaves well otherwise, and if maybe it's just a software glitch that happens to everyone sometimes.
I've seen that message appear on occasion at start up (maybe not as often as you though, and not on any recent flights as far as I can recall). Another one that I'll get on occasion is something about vision redundancy switch (don't remember exactly). I wouldn't sweat it unless the drone starts behaving erratically.
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