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In Praise of DJI Service


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Feb 15, 2018
Boston, MA, USA
I have had three occasions in last 6 months to send items to DJI for repair (out of warranty). In every case, the repair was extremely quick and very reasonable in pricing.

My most recent repair was the RC Pro. The HDMI out port was not working and it had just come out of warranty. I was begrudgingly living with it and then spilled fruit juice on the controller. It really jammed up the left scroll wheel and made shooting smooth video impossible. I took it to an electronic repair shop and they disassembled and thoroughly cleaned but said that the spring was shot and the wheel mechanism would need to be replaced.

So I send to DJI who received it from UPS on Monday late afternoon. By Tuesday at Noon, I received the estimate and paid for the repair. By Tuesday late day, I received the email that the repair was complete and this morning, that it had been QA'ed and shipped back.

Scroll Wheel: $1
Flight Mode Slider: $1
Power Button: $1
HDMI Port: $16
Service Fee: $30

I think that's all pretty reasonable and great turnaround time. I do wish the HDMI port would have lasted longer than 1 year but that's a different story.
I have had a nearly identical and very rewarding experience with DJI service. Fortunately, I have only needed it once.
My contracts expire in July and August.
Not a single claim in 2 years.

They are so darn good. Toyotas of the skies.
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