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Interested in a better landing gear solution?

I went down this road too (as far as buying and returning the Polar Pro landing gear which I was not a fan of).

The MA is so easy to land in the hand that I have only ever landed it on an actual surface (foldable landing pad) 1 or 2 times when I first got the thing - the rest have all hand 'catches'. Even if there is suitable ground for a landing, a hand catch is just one less instance where the props stir up dirt/dust that make it's way in behind the gimbal and inside the drone.

Bulky landing gear also reduces flight time, increases drag, and reduces the wind speed you can safely fly in. Looks cool though, kind of like pontoons!
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Yeah landing on the ground is just asking for trouble IMO. Just get it a few feet above your head (so it's not at eye level, you'll shoot your eye out kid!), reach up and grab it, throttle down or turn it over.
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I've got their skid with floatation for my M2P and just leave it on because I love it so much. (I usually fly from my lake house here in Florida)

I just saw they made one for the Air and thought someone might like to try it too.

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