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Is HLG and HEVC.265 also 10 bit?


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Nov 8, 2016
I have a Sony XBR 930e that does HLG. Mavic 2 Pro videos look great on it and really cool in HLG mode. Does that also run in 10 bit too like D-Log? The only thing the HLG needs is a bit more color saturation so I will try to bump it up a notch on the Mavic. Lastly, can I add a LUT in post using HLG or would that ruin the HDR look coming from the Mavic. Thanks in advance!
Actually all footage produced by the Mavic Pro with the H.265 compression has a bit depth of 10 Bit. (even 1080p)

But the HLG uses the 2020 color space. If it looks a little flat on your TV/Monitor, it is an indication that your TV does not support (or understand) this color space and displays it in 8-Bit 709 mode.
HLG is 10bit on the M2P but it is a LOG format (hybrid log gamma), in some ways similar to the DlogM format. It does require some post processing for it to look its best.
Can you add a LUT in post if shot in HLG or will it alter the HDR effect?
HLG is both a traditional linear Rec.709 curve (up to 70% signal or 70 IRE on your scopes) and a Log Curve for highlights above 70 IRE. Therefore it's name: Hybrid Log Gamma. HLG is not meant to be graded, it's a gamma curve for direct HDR delivery.
And no, you can't apply any LUT, because they're meant to be used either with Rec.709 Footage (Look LUTs) or with Log Footage (Technical or Camera LUTs) only.
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