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Last Week's Most Popular Topics (June 2, 2018)


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Here's a list of last week's most popular Mavic Pilots topics:

General Discussions
Mavic Pro boring for me once I learned I can't fly out of LOS
posted by @blurred55

Mavic Pro Platinum
Every Flight Is A White Knuckle Experience
posted by @VintageDude

Mavic Pro Discussions
Distance of my Mavic Pro
posted by @Mavic2StingRay

Mavic Pro Help
Got in panic with police and lost Mavic. Critical battery vs RTH?
posted by @iamvolitant

Mavic Air
You can survive water damage...
posted by @EdgarO

Mavic Air
Mavic Air Lost Connection: Trying to learn lessons and preventative measures
posted by @Stevezphoto

General Discussions
Flight Anxiety...
posted by @floyd

sUAV Rules & Regulations
Drone registration uk
posted by @CorkersFPV

General Discussions
I messed up...
posted by @Hefner413

Mavic Pro Discussions
"Aircraft in Area" Warning - Where does this come from?
posted by @FlyGuy8675309

Mavic Pro Help
mavic pro negative altitude on landing
posted by @jimmy johnson

General Discussions
This crap is why laws are being passed against drones
posted by @MarkNix

General Discussions
Seagulls Killed my Mavic Pro :(
posted by @mryeje

General Discussions
Has anyone heard of a Mavic damaging property? (USA)
posted by @swright

new UK law. 1 km from any airport !!
posted by @maxv77

Mavic Air
Unbiased Review after 3 Months
posted by @heo3480

sUAV Rules & Regulations
New Government rules ????
posted by @Warost

Mavic Air
Downgrade Firmware MA
posted by @TZero

Mavic Pro Help
Should I trust these Coordinates or search elsewhere??
posted by @Bocaine925

Mavic Pro Discussions
Hugely underexposed in desert with ND8 on auto expose. How did this happen?
posted by @rickray

Mavic Air
Sports mode can be your friend!!
posted by @InvisibleName

CrystalSky Monitors
Offline Maps... how do you select ?
posted by @Forestjim

Mavic Pro Discussions
Insurance and State Farm
posted by @Mavic2StingRay

Control Apps - DJI, Litchi, Autopilot, etc...
Can litchi and dji go reside in same tablet ok?
posted by @Pointbob

Mavic Air
Disconection Issues with MA after the latest DJI go4 update on 21st May 2018
posted by @vedkontho