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Last Week's Most Popular Topics (October 21, 2023)


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Last Week's Most Popular Topics

Mini 2 crashed but why??
Crash & Flyaway Assistance

Positive RID experience
General Discussions

No drones allowed signs
General Discussions

01.03.0600 firmware for DJI RC is out
DJI Smart Controller

Can I use my Mavic Pro as a steady cam without RID registration?
General Discussions

Going to use my drone for fishing in destin i have questions
General Discussions

the importance of manual exposure
General Discussions

Dji fly App
General Discussions

Mini 4 Pro

Mini 3 - some pics from my Mini 3 pro taken today
Photo and Video Showcase

New Mavic Pro Owner Needs some simple questions answered ….
General Discussions

So confused about RTK
Mavic 3E

Air 2

RID. Do I need to do something?
sUAV Rules & Regulations

Mavic 2 pro crashed due to battery failure
Crash & Flyaway Assistance

whats the ticket ($) or penalty for flying without a permit in NYC? Anyone know?
General Discussions

Slight veering to the left, minor but annoying still.
Mini 3

Photogrammetry for Air 2s
Air 2S

Lesson learned
Mini 3

Mini 4 Pro FAA Registration
Mini 4 Pro

Anyone have experience with the DJI Mavic 3 Pro Wide-Angle Lens accessory?
Mavic 3 Pro

Air 2s - Tax $$ at work!
Photo and Video Showcase

FRIA??? Can you register your ranch as a FRIA with a CBO as a sponsor?
General Discussions

Selling mini2. Do I need to do anything
Mini 2

3 - best pic ever
Photo and Video Showcase

Air 2 - ClubMed Kemer 2023 summer vibes & first contact with a mega Yacht drone defence system
Photo and Video Showcase

Hello from NJ
Pilot Check In

Bound to controller
Air 2S

Mini 4 Pro startup
Mini 4 Pro

3 - Exploring Iceland - South West
Photo and Video Showcase
Lycus Tech Mavic Air 3 Case

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