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Last Week's Most Popular Topics (October 7, 2023)


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Last Week's Most Popular Topics

First day with Mini 4 Pro. Returning it tomorrow.
Mini 4 Pro

So, you have just bought a drone with obstacle avoidance. Do you .........
General Discussions

Nervous to fly at night
General Discussions

If governments world-wide force manufactures of hobby-level drones to introduce hard and unhackable limits on range and height .......
General Discussions

Birds, anyone had an attack?
General Discussions

I did firmware updates on my MAVIC 2 yesterday and can't fly today due to CODE:30064.
Firmware & Software

Expensive Mistake?
General Discussions

Mini 3 51 minute flight time?
General Discussions

I asked ChatGPT a question about a law conflict between Florida and the FAA
General Discussions

New member in Milton Keynes, UK
Pilot Check In

DJI Waypoints - are a Joke
Firmware & Software

Career advancement advice please
Mavic for Business

MA2+SC ... Where to find my RID ?
Firmware & Software

Filming in lower resolution saves battery life on all drones.
General Discussions

Mavic Air 3 - 70mm for real estate photos/videos?
Air 3

pros and cons of the new mini 4 pro
Mini 4 Pro

Here's an interesting RTH scenario and I'm not sure what would happen
General Discussions

Flying High
sUAV Rules & Regulations

Skyreat dji mini 4 pro accessories free for testing !
Mini 4 Pro

Drone Program In Highschool
General Discussions

Mini 4 Pro weights for Drone and Batteries
Mini 4 Pro

Purchase recommendation (Mavic 3 , Mavic 3 Classic , Air 3)
Mavic 3

What happened to Create in DJI's software??
Firmware & Software

Maps map easy app (Admin edited title)
Control Apps - DJI, Litchi, Autopilot, etc...

Autel vs DJI
General Discussions

Giant Causeway
United Kingdom

If you did not buy your DJI Drone in the US, is it RID Compliant in the US?
General Discussions

Mavic 4 Pro wrap around prop guards
Mini 4 Pro

Review of the telephoto lens of the Air 3
Air 3

Mini 4 Pro ND Filter
Mini 4 Pro
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