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Latest Mavic Pro video effort.

Nicely done - beautiful country - I was there at a place called Coquet Island in Northumberland (nearby)? Flew out to the Island from the beach - a fair distance circled the island & the Lighthouse - I didn't see just how many large seabirds had taken off when they became aware of the Mavic until I watched the video on my laptop later ( could have been a disaster ) - amazing amount of seals out there too! Again VERY beautiful area of the UK.
Wow you must read my mind I did the same thing three weeks ago at Coquet Island look at 3 minutes into this video

Like you I had not realised as many birds were there until I got out to the island! It could have been a disaster, the island is 1 mile of shore and that far out I had full signal on my Mavic Pro quite impressive. I took of from close to the caravan park there on the dunes,
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