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Litchi Starting and Stopping the Camera

Chip D

Well-Known Member
Oct 13, 2016
Omaha, Ne
I wanted to eliminate the takeoff and landings from my videos as I'm just too lazy to cut out the beginning and ending 7 seconds. o_O So I turned the Auto Start off. But because I can get forgetful, I wanted to create my missions that would turn the camera on and off. I created a short 4 waypoint and return home flight.

On Waypoint 2, I told it to start recording, and then waypoint 4, I told it to turn off. I had heard from people that said you have to have the curve size set to zero, otherwise it won't reach that point. Ok. I set curve to 0 at waypoint 2 and told it to start recording.

Fast forward to the flight (sure glad it was short and I was watching closely), it takes off, goes to the starting waypoint, goes to waypoint 2, never turns the camera on, and then next thing I hear from the audio is it's landing at waypoint 2, and it proceeded to descend.

Fortunately I over road it and returned it to me. But what gives. Why didn't it start the recording, and why did it start descending?
Chip D - Omaha, Ne
Path mode has to be set to straight lines instead of curved turns for waypoint actions to work.
Correct, furthermore if memory serves me correctly, straight lines has it stop momentarily at each waypoint which is probably a show stopper for you too.
I guess that means I'll just have to remember to start and stop. Forget that. I'll just go back to Auto Record.
Chip D - Omaha, NE
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