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Litchi what are the risks?


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Mar 23, 2018
I am wondering if I should buy Litchi. I am flying my Mavic Air with the DJI GO4 App since 4 months practically without any problems. Now I'm getting curious to use additional functions provided by Litchi mainly the Waypoint function. I have read several threads in this Forum however several questions are remaining for me. My main concern that using two Apps might jeopardize the smooth operation I had so far.

1.) Are there technical issues to use these 2 apps in parallel?
( I understand I have to force stop GO 4 App when I use Litchi)
2.) What might happen if I forget this?
Are there other issues?
3.) The 2 Apps have similar but not the same user interfaces but in Stress situations the risk to make something wrong might increase? What is the opinion of experienced users?
4.) The flight book of GO 4 is a nice feature. Does Litchi provide a flight book like this?
In any case I assume that I would have 2 flight books but no summary anymore?
5.) Does Litchi provide similar or the same Black Box information like DJI GO 4?
What are Apps/tools to analyse?
6.) I understand that in this case I cannot expect any support from DJI - is it worth the risk?
7.) Did I fail to see any other issue?

Thanks a lot for any comment or help! Kind regards Wolfram
I bought litchi when was in special for $14.99 and I have not use it yet. However, people that use it regularly has expressed that it is actually more stable and better overall than the DJI go4 app.
This is your second message on this forum. I'm not trying to give you a difficult time but if you did a search on "Litchi" in this forum you'd see that a lot of your questions are answered by people asking the same or similar question. Search is your friend when you're new and learning, beyond that, if you still can't find your answer then post.
it's a great app and you only use one at a time do not run them both at the same time.
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1) Search, most of this is discussed in recent threads.

2) I've only been flying for about 6 months (but 320 flight hrs, 90 hrs of video footage, 1290 photos). FWIW I use Litchi exclusively for general work and GO4 only when I need to configure something that can't be done w/ Litchi. I use Sentera Field Agent for shots that require stitching.

3) Sign up for Airdata.
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