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360 Guy

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Feb 21, 2021
To test "FIND MY DRONE" (should I ever need it) I flew the drone from my house deck in back of house and landed in the front driveway.
I instructed the wife to pick up the drone and hide it on our property, in foliage, on the ground, in a tree, wherever.
I initiated "find my drone" and I went on the search and I searched, and I searched, following the map to no avail.
This didn't work out well, so I present my dilemma to the group here for help please.

Further history............ I did a calibration and placed the drone on my truck hood 25 feet away from the controller.
Here are three pixs of what I encountered, not even close to the correct position.
The red line will jump right and left when the controller is moved.
I'm guessing that I am at the end of the red line pointing toward the drone......yes, no?
The distance to the drone (upper left corner of photo) never changed as I got closer to the bird or further away, disappointing to say the least.

As they say...........THIS IS ONLY A TEST !

Thx for any help offered............


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Keep in mind that this feature will only show the location of your drone when it was last connected to the remote controller. Depending on the scenario, that might not be where it's actually located.
Yes I had the same results and this is why its so critical that the drone beeps an lights up.!!

I found my drone 4 hours latter , although it was beeping it was the flashing lights that i saw at night in the parking lot. Many times you will need to also see the video footage to help you as wel.

So when you put it all together you have a pretty good chance of finding your drone if there is a path to it.

I also had one land on top of mcdonalds , the lighting did not work nor the beep to find it, however the video that was captured saw it on the roof, Got the drone in the morning thru the drive thu as they held it for me. Lovin it.

Video Link here
Gear to fly in the Rain , Land on the Water
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Just like with anything else, redundant systems are the best. Use one of these:

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@360 Guy ,it looks like your wife is(just like my wife is)very good at hiding things from you 😁

i always thought that “find my drone” only shows last gps location of drone after disconnect
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Mine doesn't, that's what I'm trying to say.
There's an error in the post you responded to.
FMD can only show you where the app recorded the drone's location, when the drone was connected to the app.
It's not magic and cannot show you where the drone ends up after connection is lost.
But did the drone know where it was?
If the drone doesn't know where it is it can not 'tell' the app?

Two additional points have just come to mind that might be relevant, does the phone have an up to-date map of the area in its memory?
Was the phone's location services enabled?
With both those questions I am not sure if the screen captures that you show indicate that those 'requirements?' were satisfied.
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Did you have a HomePoint set before takeoff? How good was your GPS lock when you landed? And how good was it when your wife moved it?
I instructed the wife to pick up the drone and hide it on our property, in foliage, on the ground, in a tree, wherever.
Was the drone still connected to the app when this was going on?
If it was you would have seen the distance displayed on the screen increasing as the drone was taken away.

FMD works quite well but will only be able to show you the last location where the drone reported its location back to the app.
It cannot tell you where the drone went whenit was not connected and reporting back.

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