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Lost my drone, it didn't return.

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just like you power on your drone - you press once and press another time and hold it.
Sorry but I believe that to be incorrect, I think you depress the button and continue to hold it down until an RTH related message 'appears', i.e. there is only ONE press, not two. I will have to check that and might get it done today.
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Then, in those cases, you have only lost the video feed, not connection between the remote and the drone. They are two different things.

You edited your post to include "visual connection between your phone and controller". My response was to the original statement "I lost connection". If the connection between the remote and drone are severed, no remote commands will make it to the drone.
Yes, I did, I misspoke. I initiated Safe RTH and even if I did it AFTER the connection between the drone and the controller was lost the drone should have automatically returned home.
On DJI Mavic 2S you active RTH by pressing and holding the H button on the controller, just like you power on your drone - you press once and press another time and hold it. This is how this drone works. I read it in the manual and this is what I always did in the past. If you do this, the controller starts double beeping just like in this case and it was double beeping for around 30 seconds and it switched to a single beep after that. So I did not cancel RTH, it was flying back home but something caused it not to return home. I waited over 40 minutes which is way more than the battery would have lasted even when hovering over the ocean, which means that it fell into the ocean.
I think you meant Air 2s. You are mistaken in your use of the RTH button. Re-read the manual, page 13.
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This thread has run its course as trolling has set in.
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