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M2P Image Quality

thanks for the post.

His comments have been echoed many times over however on this site and others.

Hopefully DjI can correct the horizon issues in log with firmware. There have been quite a few posts on how to fix the bent horizon issue in DaVinci Resolve, but DJI should have a built in profile for it for log as they obviously have it for the non log video since it doesn't show. His point about it not showing on the monitor when filming in log is interesting. As for now you pretty much have to stay level if you are in log or know how to fix in post.

The Vignetting comments, I have really not noticed it even wide open F 2.8 for stills. Raw files can have this fixed in post, and it can be done for jpgs, but with less DR recovery (in my experience). Adobe loads a lens profile (which is read from the exif info from the raw file sag) and that fixes Vignetting and other aberrations. This is the same with the older Mavics and Phantoms.

The softness at F8.0 and above is expected and in fact pretty much the same with the P4 Pro. Due mainly to diffraction. This tiny sensor (still quite small) has very small pixel size and will have diffraction issues past F 5.0. The most I have taken the MP2 is F 6.3 and you can see some diffraction there also.

As he points out, the head room for highlights does appear to be better than the P4 (I see this in clouds and bright objects). But I still use the 5 shots AEB for most of my stills. Exposure to the right helps. You can recover the highlights more so than push the shadows. Shadow push is very narrow, and you quickly start to see both noise and loss of finer details, thus the reason I use AEB.

DJI has made a big deal about the "Hasselblad" under the hood on the MP2 but I sometimes wonder just how many DJI developers are photographers, and or videographers or both. Some of these issues like the bent horizon in log mode should have fixed before release.

Sadly DJI takes a long time to fix these issues. The fact that in non log mode the horizon is OK, tells me that it's a matter of getting the correct profile into the log video, which will require firmware.

For stills I am still very impressed with the MP2, my main area of interest. It's much lighter and definitely easier to carry in the field then a P4 series.

Paul C
Uh. If I'm shooting a log file... I don't want them "fixing" anything. I'm shooting log because I want to process it how I want to.

That's the point.

Am I missing something?
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