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M2P with Crystalsky screen laginess...need advice


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Oct 9, 2017
M2P; Crystalsky UB; DJI CS mount with USB cable plugged into USB A port; all firmware/software up to date. I've experienced screen "laginess" since day one with the MPP. I chaulked it up to not running the latest firmwares etc. But now, with a new bird, it's still happening, even in direct view of the A/C at perhaps 600-700' away. It's driving me crazy. Is this just a flaw in the CS monitors themselves? I've read a lot of threads about similar issues.

I've got the transmission settings to auto; it seems to be using 2.4 ghz, but are there any other settings (video cache? resolution of the downlink? Anything else?) that would be causing this? It's really discouraging. I often fly in tight spaces, and it's really difficult to fly if what you're seeing is glitching and lagging all the time.

Any advice most appreciated.
Perhaps I should have posted in the CS forum. At any rate, can someone advise some steps to troubleshoot whether this is between the bird and the controller, between the controller and the CS, or just plain slowness completely within the CS. It's definitely not pixelated...just constant freezing for a second or two, then the image jumps to wherever the bird then is. It really sucks having such a supreme screen with this going on. Thanks in advance
I too am not really happy with my CS with Mavic 2... I can’t get it to display a map... iPhone no problem... CS won’t... and litchi is also difficult to use. If You get feedback for any other source please post here too.. thanks
I opted to open a case with DJI. They advised "resetting the Crystalsky to Factory default". Argh. I did that and now believe I must update the app to recognize the M2P. I did that once but can't remember how I did it. Current version is 02.02.06, but honestly, I don't know whether that's the version of Android in the CS, or the version of DJI Go4. What a pain.
There always tends to be a few video glitches with the CS, at least with my P4 Pro and MPP. More often than not on pans, Drone hovering, and panning drone. Glitches show on the screen of CS, but rarely on the actual video. You may also see screen pixelation at times, no rhyme or reason why it will start.

I use the USB-C port on the bottom of the CS, due to the mounts I use, but also that seems to be the best place to attach based on other users reports.

Paul C
I used to get the same with the Mavic Air and 1st edition pro... purchased the polar pro mount and added the phantom mount (this actually locks in the CS) and no issues since. Using the cable only seems to be the issue. The phantom mount sells for about $80 and the polar pro mount is only needed to rest inside the mavic’s controller arms. It’s definitely an added cost but solved all my issues. Currently I use my M2P and M2Z with this setup and no problems at all. Get ready to spend another $130.
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