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Mini 2 Mammoth Rubbing Rocks


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Jul 28, 2022
Sonoma County California
Greetings Comrades,

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This footage was taken during a walk along a California Pacific coast trail near where I live. I’ve been here several times, mainly because its simply beautiful, but the added prehistoric artifacts are intriguing and stimulating. This walk in particular was meant to be an opportunity to practice manually flying/filming circling around POIs, which happen to be the Mammoth rubbing rocks.

I recognize my first circle (starts at 0:39) is rough but things improved as the practice proceeded...need more practice.

This 3:53 of footage is edited down from approx. 20 minutes.

Here are 3 links to a few bits of information about the Mammoth Rubbing Rocks:
1. Images: A DuckDuckGo search of images (mostly in the top 3 rows) showing areas of the rocks that have been polished by mammoths using them as back scratchers: mammoth rubbing rocks at DuckDuckGo

2. California Department of Parks and Recreation page of Mammoth Rocks information: Mammoth Rocks

3. North American Mammoths likely interbred with one another: North American mammoths likely interbred with one another

Sound effects as well as content for the intro composite and outro imagery are collected from the Internet.
The music is mine.

Though captured in 4K 30fps with a Mini 2, there are imperfections in the resolution. I figure the low light environment probably effected the outcome. There are a number of edited-out sequences where the footage looks like its being projected onto one of those small fold-up home movie screen and as the imagery moves, the pattern of the “screen” remains stationary. Do you think that’s just a limitation of the Mini 2 camera in low light?

Ok. This was just for fun of course. I had to chuckle when I first heard some of the Mammoth sound effects in the vid.
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Awesome! Pretty foggy day.
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