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MarketWatch article yesterday about drones

Most of those are "scams" in my opinion. They want to sell you an expensive course you take (or materials) to become Part 107 Certified. You can accomplish the exact same thing for free. All the resources you need are free online. There are many videos free on YouTube about the 107 test and study materials. The FAA will give you free sample tests and the 107 test study guide for free online.

I studied regularly for a couple of weeks, using all free resources online, and then never spent the time and the $150 to take the test when I decided it wouldn't be worth it for me, since I don't plan on doing any commercial work. At least I have the knowledge now.

I know people who have taken a course and say it helped/made it easier. I know others who studied for free themselves and said it was pretty easy anyway. I don't know of anyone who has taken the Part 107 test and failed it. I know 2 people who have their 107 certification and have never used it or needed it.

CAN you make six-figures flying a drone? It's possible. You can also become a movie star, professional athlete, or a rock star. Follow your dreams. Don't let anyone tell you "no". Run for president. Go Team!

I'd love for all the drone pilots on this forum who make six figures JUST "flying their mavic" to speak up and tell us how they did it.

What? Cynical? ME?
I self-studied and passed the part 107.

I've started a business to take on some commercial gigs. I do plan on growing the business over time as I approach retirement age.

But I ain't quitin' my day job anytime soon. I'm glad to see there are folks hustling and earning some good money - good on them.
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