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Mav 2 vs 4P4 cameras


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Oct 18, 2016
Brisbane, Australia
Just having a bit of a look around and can’t find much information on this.
How does the mav 2 pro’s camera stand up against the Phantom 4
Pros camera?
Optically very similar, at least for stills. The P4 Pro has a mechanical shutter, M Pro 2 only e shutter. Both are 20MP, I believe both are using the same Sony 1" sensor similar to chip Sony uses in RX100.

P4 Pro has a few more crop modes, 4:3 for example.

Mavic offers a few newer active track modes just like mavic air.

I have used both and for stills work the cameras are very close. The Mavic Pro seems to have just a bit more DR and highlight recovery, at least from the few flights I have made with it compared to the P4 Pro.

Paul C
Im editing a VERY eye-opening video right now that has side by side tests that also include resolution charts. Just a hint....the differences in clarity and resolving power are pretty drastic. Another hint.....Mavic-II pro's 2.k mode offeres the EXACT same resolution as its "4k" FOV full wide mode. There is allot Im covering on this. Will be out on a few days.
I can say that the Mavic 2 Pro has a rolling shutter instead of mechanical shutter which limits some options for mapping. Also, no 60fps for the M2 in 4K.
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THere's a couple already around youtube. IMO the m2p is no where near the p4p's level. (and no 4k 60fps in case you were wondering)
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