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Mavic 2 Pro Aperture Test (Sharpness degrades after f/2.8)

Doesn't really tally with things some of us others have mentioned - his methodology is a little odd too.

Ultimately it seems to be sharp at f/2.8, peak sharpness at f/4 and drops off at f/5.6
Diffraction starts to kill it at f/8 and narrower.
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****....this means i'm going to need something more than an ND16...very interesting as I thought someone else ran the test and found F/4 to be the sweet spot. Maybe it just depends on the drone? Each one may be slightly different with tolerances?
f/2.8 is good,
f/4 seems best.
f/5.6 is perfectly usable.

f/8 is messier but not utterly unusable. f/11 is unusable.

I put my sample images here:-
Aperture sharpness results

So you've got 2 - 3 stops to play with on the drone. Get 1 x 4 stop and thats probably all you need.
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