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Mavic 2 Pro Color Problem

Hello, I am having a color issue with JPEG's taken using my Mavic 2 Pro with smart controller. There exist no profiles when shooting stills, just, "None." I understand this camera system uses a special Hasselblad profile, but perhaps it is not being read or translated by the controller? Pictures come right off the card with colors looking very off and unnatural - too cyan, green or yellow. Please see the attached images directly from the card with only resizing to 1920p for posting.

I am having a great deal of difficulty manually correcting these colors. I recently updated the smart controller, but no change. Colors are far from accurate. I'm using PS and ACDsee Ultimate primarily for color adjustment when needed. Is there a correction or conversion profile in Lightroom for this camera, or some other profile from DJI/ Hasselblad I can download and install to fix this? Would it be a good idea to get a standard controller with a smartphone and use that instead, in hopes the proper updates to the software would be installed?

Oddly enough, when shooting video in H264 with the normal setting, I don't really have this problem. Input from the community would be greatly appreciated. Thank you View attachment 165361View attachment 165362
I use mavic 2's and have noticed that how the OOC shot displays on-screen and on the output final varies (sometimes quite markedly) with the editing suite being used and the output format chosen. It may be that the blame for this lies with the different RAW/JPG editors used at each stage.
With RAW's and DNG's: if the photo editor is unable to read the embedded colour matrix information in the image metadata, or the software doesn't have a specific profile for that particular camera sensor, the colours will look wrong.
In this instance - the only way to address this kind of problem is to take a daylight shot of a standard colour checker chart (classic/passport/SG) and upload it to the developer who should be able to create a basic colour matrix for the drone camera.
To answer the inevitable comment that mavic 2 pro 'Hasselblad' profiles exist with Lightroom/Photoshop: almost all of the photo editors have either no, or very limited profiles for almost all of the drone cameras, regardless of manufacturer and most of the LCP profiles available in either the Adobe or Lensfun databases are not professionally produced: they are ad-hoc user created and uploaded to Adobe or Lensfun. The same can be said for Bayer sensor colour matrix profiles. Almost all commercially available editing suites draw on either the Adobe: or Lensfun source for aberration correction.
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