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Mavic 2 Pro Crystal Sky 7.85U


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Jun 27, 2017
Outlet Lower Ugashik Lake Alaska
Just received my Mavic 2 pro and will have everything at latest level. Will start M2 flights with ipad pro 10.5 but before I invest in mount from CS 7.85 would like to know if anyone has flown M2pro with CS 7.85U and if you have had any issues. Besides the lag in CS firmware updates I have seen issues using it with M200, Inspire 2, Mavic 1, and Spark and would like to get some feedback prior to use with M2 pro.
Flying M2P with CS 7.85U. Had a video lagging issue; but solved it by deleting and reinstalling the Go4 app. No problems since. Screen brightness is just phenomenal. Plan on a lanyard though; too heavy to hand hold for long.
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I use the CS 5.5in model on all my drones including the M2P. I've had no issues. Here is a video I did on my preferred mounting method of the CrystalSky on the M2P:
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Great video and love the intro!
Thanks Rob, I may need to update the intro though, most of my work isn't shot with the Inspire 1 Pro anymore, it's been quite a few months since I flew it, the M2P and P4P are just way more convenient.