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Mavic 2 Pro - Steuben, WI after the flood waters recede - with surprise ending

Trees are very unreformed objects, they jump out at front of cars, motorcycles, bikes and now drones :)
I'm very sorry about you accident. Were you able to do a damage estimate?
Never had a crash with my Phantom 4, Mavic Pro, Mavic Air, but get this new bird with all the obstacle avoidance cameras and wham! Right into a tree.

Not actually sure what happened seemed to get a bit squirrelly on me. You can see it was a bit jumpier in the end. Maybe just due to the complications with backwards/sideways flying. The alert went off almost at the same point as the collision. No warning and no stopping.

If I had been going a bit more backward and a bit less sideways it might have helped me.

Cracked the front foot where it meets the LED, slightly scratched the lens (that’s the worst part). Will be sending in after I take a couple of trips I have planned for this fall. Don’t want to be without it for an extended period of time.

So lucky it didn’t end up in the water! Course then I could have claimed it on my insurance and gotten a whole new bird, but oh well.

Of course it landed on the other side of the river so had to trudge all the way from that barn in the background of the picture to the river edge. Not an easy task. All of it is swampy. No dry land.


Well... it happens to the best, consider this as a learning experience. I hope the DJI Refresh will take proper care of you.
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